The Kabala of Numbers () Sepharial CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 I THE POWER OF NIMBERS 5 II GEOMETRICAL RELATIONS OF THOUGHT 17 III. Author: Sepharial; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Kabbalah or Qabala, Astrology And Geomancy; The science of . The Kabala Of Numbers; The Original Source Book In Numerology has 21 A book of Kabalistic numerology: how numbers effect our lives and how they can be . and a notable 19th century mystic and astrologer, better known as Sepharial.

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If geometrical relations of thought are such that every idea is capable of numerical expression, and this fact appears to have been known to the Orientals, for it was from one of them that I had first illustration of it. Your partner has it in safe custody.

In manure or soil. The hour being negative, we consult the sign in which the Moon is placed on this day, and find by the almanac that it is Scorpio, ruled by Mars, whose number is 9. Similarly, behind the cosmos there is an Intelligence which manifests to us through cosmic elements as Nature.

Pages are slightly yellowed with light foxing to text block edge and inscription to the ffep. The symbol of Uranus.

Mars 9conjunction Mercury 5. What followed was merely diplomatic resource, or, as a dramatic artist would say, “business”.

I gave her instant attention, and was relieved in some measure when she exclaimed: Look among clothes, and you may be fortunate enough to find it. The whole groundwork of astronomical science points to the regard which nature has to quantitive relations – that is to say, to numbers – and 72 consequently the study of numbers, their properties and combinations, serves to educate the mind to an anticipation of the greater problems of celestial laws by the operation of which ksbala universe is what it is and the destiny of man such as we find it, both racial and individual.


Antonia Shiffman rated it really liked it Sep 12, This, of course, lies at the root of any divination, whether it has a numerical basis or any other form of symbolical foundation.

I can only assert it as a fact in nature brought home og me by repeated experience of the effects of planets in that sign. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The Kabala of Numbers – Sepharial – Google Books

It is by the study of numbers, therefore, that we may learn the laws of divine expression, from the constitution of the universe down to the most trivial occurrence in its evolutional progress. Of a brother; a position; the death of a ruler; a quick journey; an angry message; honours; succession; a writing.

A child has it among some clothing. It is a feat for which one may claim no merit, being wholly dependant on the working of the numbwrs mind in the consultant himself. The last two words of this sentence are given below in Hebrew with their numerical values. The period from 2: I cite only an instance. The next step is to take the date on which a person was born, employing always the date at noon preceding the hour of birth, for this is the true solar date, being 12 hours behind the secular date.

We now have to subdivide the hour into 7 equal parts as nearly as may be, giving to each part a successional rule, and therefore a numerical value. If the powers that be elect to signal us by means of celestial phenomena, why not by numerical figures?

Try a washing stand. Therefore, we say Nature is a symbol, and that it attains signification for us only when we understand it. We have seen that it is a symbol, and that it answers to a system of physiognomy by which we have learned something concerning the character of the Creator whose forces ensoul it. This review has been hidden speharial it sephwrial spoilers.


Realisation of the virtues, affirmation and negation, discussion and solution. A fairly rotten basis on which to effect a restoration. The fact, however, that all yhe apples fell in lines perpendicular to the tangent of the earth’s circumference, i. The time from noon to sunset is 7 h ll m. The Hebrew method is employed for the kabalistic interpretation of the Scripture as in the Zohar.

The Kabala of Numbers

It is close to some steel or iron. We have found the beginning of our natural day at sunrise. You will recover it by the aid of a young person or child. The key to this effect being that the Sun 4 is opposed by Saturn 8Saturn tending to destroy both Moon and Sun. Neelakandan Natarajan rated it really liked it May 21, Vital energy, magnetism, joy, happiness, strength, success, honours, elevation, attainment.

Using our greater period of years, we find the following parallel: It is in a box or case which folds in two parts. Of a female, a birth, a plot or scheme, something secret to yourself; a confinement. Needless to say they were of an adverse, and most frequently of a violent, nature. Although in the Hebraic system the number 12, as already stated, appears to have stood for perfection, the earliest enumeration would seem to have been made from Chaldean sources, which is distinctly decimal.

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