18 Oct The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. Edited and Introduced by FRANCIS KING. Secrets of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) – sex-rituals – Aleister Crowley, Theodor Reuss, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Chevalier Le Clément de St.-Marcq. The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.. Edited and Introduced by FRANCIS KING. In recent years The Secret Rituals Of The Golden Pages··

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Who is your mother? Wishing you a very happy fireworks, Norma N. A Spring shut up, a Fountain sealed! Brethren, do your duty. The hullabaloo surrounding this book is ultimately more entertaining than the book itself. Nothing now remains, etc. The Sign of a Man and a Brother.

thw To the penalty of my Obligation. Owing to the researches of Rene le Forestier8 we know a great deal about the nature of the ritual magic practised by de Pasqually and his disciples. All raise the right hand, C.

Officers, do your duty. Lux the Light of the True Cross. Comrades, let us refresh ourselves at the sacred well.


The Penal sign is given by The regulations of our Order are strict, even as the sinews of your arm are firm. Let me further assure you that the word freedom is with us, no idle term. Hear first the Book of the Balance. On guard the sword! Where were you initiated?

This is not good. I am Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End which is and was and is to come. IV We shall now consider the word, taking two letters at a time from rituaks angles of the triangle. If you have not understood that word, these expressions will appear strange to you.

The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. By Francis King |

The membership confined to those who had already taken the three degrees of ordinary craft masonry was divided into the grades of Apprentice Priest, Xecret Priest, Master Priest, Grand Architect and Grand Elect of Zerubbabel, the last mentioned degree sometimes being known as Knight of the East. Thirdly, let me counsel you to take note of this Disk. The Sign is twofold.

David was Lodge Master by this time, and he later told me that when the police arrived at his door, he had asked to see the warrant lf the search, as was his legal right. They replace cup and return. In order to obtain freedom to do your will, it is necessary to submit voluntarily to discipline and organization.


The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. By Francis King

The word has not been communicated to me. Wine in a cup should be placed in the well for this.

The Veil should be drawn suddenly disclosing Z. All give sign Annihilation. All cry IAO loudly. In the Latin language, these are? They are liable to take self-defensive actions against perpetrators who are simply r to help them, and sometimes it gets ugly.

The sign is given by Stanza 3 Split the skull!

They take place by the altar.