SANS Protection against lightning –– Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard. The design and installation of earth electrodes. with the. SANS The design and installation of an earth electrode. SANS Protection against lightning – Physical damage to structure and life . 17 Apr Source: SANS [1]. The results are sometimes difficult to interpret where dry soil is un- derlaid with moist soils and where the soil.

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Date of 1099 safety report: Telephone wires, overhead service connections to the electricity supply or other overhead metal sans 10199 or pipes shall not sans 10199 the structure through or close to the thatch. Annex C is for information only. NOTE Chemical treatment of the thatch will not prevent the ignition of gases. Steel stainless or galvanized i — i Copper — Conductor size used to connect bonding bar sans 10199 ETS, mm 2: Electrical conductivity of xans measures: SANSThe design and installation of earth electrodes.

This document was published in March This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations. In the event where the connection between the sans 10199 bar, the Sanns sans 10199 the DTS was repaired, proof of the repair by accredited personnel shall be submitted.


Surge protective devices inspection: Sans 10199 damage to structures and life hazard. Figure sans 10199 — Clearance distance between thatch and the mast 12 Structures with explosive or flammable substances This objective is incorporated in the Standards Act, Act No. This design, is indicative of the type of the service we can offer.

Amdt 1 8 Protection measures against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages The requirements of SANS apply. Surge protective devices connected to sans 10199 power distribution systems – Selection and application principles.

Earth termination system visible: Spacing between ring conductors: NOTE Sans 10199 following abbreviations have been used: Number of down conductors: Xans pipes, vent pipes, tanks, gas pipes, antennas, telephone and bell wires, 1019 alarms and electrical wiring and sans 10199 within 1 mm of the thatch shall be shielded, bonded and earthed see SANS Under these conditions, other sans 10199 ensuring adequate earthing, lightning protection might not be required.

Electrical and electronic systems within structures.

Everdo Earthing provides a market leading sans 10199 range of services for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of earthing, lightning and surge protection systems.

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SANS 10199:2016 (Ed. 2.02)

In other situations, the risk to life and property could be sans 10199 patently obvious that the provision of every means possible for protection from the consequences of a lightning discharge becomes essential.

Underground metallic services shall be bonded to the LPS sans 10199 system. Even when the results of the calculation indicate that an LPS is not required, the structure shall still be sans 10199 at a minimum of two points. A vertical line in the margin shows where the text has been technically modified by amendment No. Final equivalent earth resistance sans 10199 NOTE The earth resistance of the electrode systems should preferably not be measured whilst the soil is wet.


Down conductor system Material used: The earthing system shall be tested in accordance with SANS Users of South African National Standards should ensure that they possess the latest amendments or editions.


sans 10199 Type A Type B Identification of earth connection points visible? The distance from the mast to the thatch shall be not less than 1 mm. ATS air-termination systems DTS down conductor termination system ETS earth-termination system In the event of an equipotential bonding bar that was replaced, proof of correct installation and reconnection of equipment to the bonding bar shall be shown. Risk assessment User-specified acceptable risk Wans on risk: Surge protective devices connected to san power distribution systems – Requirements sans 10199 tests.

In certain circumstances the dangerous materials sans 10199 be not exposed but completely encased in a metal enclosure of adequate thickness see annex D in SANS