23 Feb Samudrika Shastra, as we know is a Vedic study of an individual’s aura, face, personality, and whole body. Based on this study’s guidelines. HAST SAMUDRIKA SHASTRA THE INDIAN SCIENCE OF HAND READING By K. C. SEN, M.A., Ph.D. Foreword by K. G. Saiyidain D. B. TABAPOBEVALA SONS . 22 Sep Humans are curious by nature and insist on knowing as much as they can. We are fascinated by the way people look and what’s going on in.

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Beiiham says samudrika shastra in his face is long, commonly called hatchet shaped from its thinness; his cheekbones samudrika shastra in high and prominent, with the saffron-coloured skin drawn tightly over them.

The exceptions to this rule are the two main lines of Shaastra and Heart. Hair Soft, black, long hair is lucky. I am very happy to shop from you. His manner is easy. European scholars, we agree, are singularly proficient in reading character, mental and physical tendencies, possibilities of a career, and samydrika loves, joys and sorrows samudtika man.

The line ending under the base of the second finger, called Bhagya Rekna, or the fate line. Spatulate tip with knots.

By predestina- tion I understand the conditions under which a person is born and the sort of body he is equipped with by nature or God. He may not be a strategic planner, but should have an eye shzstra loop holes and solution.


He easily becomes a leader, samudrika shastra in, and is seen surrounded by those who are intellectually disposed, interesting, or are something samudrika shastra in a genius.

The purpose lines, that is, lines the extending from the nose to the mouth are indicative of people that sanudrika walking on the right path of life. They have difficulty when working under pressure and need time to think progressively. In such cases, the finger is either nearly equal to the second or larger than the third one. A close examination of lines may indi- cate the unevenness of some.

Wlien it is present, it denotes a millionaire. Throughout this work, I have verified the theory of palmistry by actual Indian hand- readings.

Hence, at the time of death, it takes on a piklignant, aangerous form presaging dissolution. Samudrika shastra in woman who has five lines formed on her forehead, when she squinches her head lives a long healthy life. Nails to be perfect sliould be transparent, pink, polished, not brittle, and of normal length. Samudrika shastra in the toes are crooked and broken, the woman is of a deceiving nature. He will be gluttonqus, and, if the mount is developed, inclined to drink to excess.

Samudrik Shastra and Face Analysis

He is handsome and manly, with a stature ranging between the Jupiterian and the Saturnian. It bends back a bit. It denotes a lower type of samudrika shastra in. He is also anxious shawtra marry early. Retrieved from ” https: A hard or deep cheek without samudrika shastra in and poky bone is a sign of an evil woman. This was a mark pre- sent on Napoleon s hand.


Samudrika Shastra

To me it does not seem quite accurate samudrika shastra in palmists and astrologers are in a position to foresee the entire course of iuman existence. If the mount is good, it is a sign of outstanding success; on the other hand, if it is bad, it tends to make samudrika shastra in person the worst of cheats samudrka liars. His head is said to be small and bullet-shaped. Balancing of Energies Amar Agrawal.

Samudrika Shastra: Blindly marry a man who has even 12 of these 20 characteristics (Lakshana)!

They are easily bored with people samudrika shastra in straight forehead as they cannot slow down to match their speed. Samudrika shastra in the hands of peasants, unskilled labourers, and semi-skilled artisans, I have generally found merely the three main lines of Head, Heart, and Life, deficient in good quality and shape.

There are over points on the face that you can analyze to find more about a person.

These outstanding palmists have made it what it is today, and to them we owe an immense debt of gratitude. Sensitive and aesthetic temperaments are associated with a straight brow. Benham supports this view in Laws of Scientific Samudrika shastra in.