Dream Yoga has 77 ratings and 6 reviews. Liam said: Definitely not for the layman, Samael Aun Weor’s stuff reads like it was transcribed from shaky spani. 25 Mar Dream Yoga is the practice of using mantras, prayers, and There are many practices given in the books of Samael Aun Weor and taught at. It is a series of teachings of which dream yoga is a vital part. It has been Samael Aun Weor: Do you really not know what an Astral Projection is? Young lady, I.

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The candidate will start — daily — his dreaming process by repeating, with great faith, the following prayer: Grexia rated it did not like it Aug 14, The seed is the precious and enchanted ovum that after being fecundated is transformed and grows.

Adventures Beyond the Body. Exact Meditation awakens the internal senses and performs a complete transformation of the internal bodies. You need memory to remember your internal experiences. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

The Gnostic Center of Long Beach – Dream Yoga and Astral Projection Practices

Physical, Astral, Mental, etc. Analogous objects in dreams often represent certain thoughts or ideas, landscapes or colors can show us moods and emotions. We suggest two positions: I am just a signpost. Fecundation is verified with the function of samael aun weor dream yoga feminine germs and masculine gametes.

They must be utilized in the same way as a mathematician uses algebraic symbols. The multiplicity of his attributes points to us precisely the antiquity of his cult, and the profound veneration he received in Mesoamerica. These techniques follow a very strict series of steps that always begin right now, by making the effort to awaken the consciousness from moment to moment. It is logical that samael aun weor dream yoga we float it an because we are out of our physical body. Can this phenomenon be performed only in dreams or can it also be done by will?


Whosoever awakens Consciousness has reached Imaginative Knowledge. Fundamentals of Gnostic Education. Meditate upon her before falling asleep.

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Yes, when I return to my house I remember everything that I did in the office. Other editions – View samael aun weor dream yoga Dream Yoga: The revolutionary and inner progress becomes impossible without the immediate aid of our Divine Mother Tonantzin.

When out of the physical body, we can acquire complete knowledge about the mysteries of death and life. By means of constant training from moment to moment, the consciousness can be strengthened to be be awake, samael aun weor dream yoga, and sharp; thus, when it leaves the physical body, we remain aware of ourselves, and conscious of what transpires.

Dream Yoga: Consciousness, Astral Projection, and the Transformation of the Dream State

We have to ask Morpheus to teach us and to awaken us in the supra sensitive worlds. This is how the disciple acquires the power of entering and leaving the Physical Body at will. It just helps if you have a light understanding of Gnosticism and Buddh Definitely not for the layman, Samael Aun Weor’s stuff reads like it was transcribed from shaky spanish back into English and compiled from lectures.

Develop the intuition, imagination and inspiration to understand your samael aun weor dream yoga.

By means of the help of the holy gods, the awakened person can study the secret doctrine of Anahuac in the Astral Light. We must know how to supplicate and have faith. You submitted the following rating and review. The student elevates himself little by little into Imaginative Knowledge. It is urgent to know samael aun weor dream yoga to meditate profoundly and then practice what we learned during the hours of sleep.

True illuminates live in the higher worlds, out of the physical body, in a state of intensified wakefulness without ever dreaming.

Once an American living in a small village in Guatemala was discussing dreams with some natives of that land. Those who still do not have the ability to project themselves in the Astral Body with our clues, lack this power.

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Practice with Morpheus Astral. The disciple, while in drowsiness, must reflect upon the four fundamental elements in the protoplasm of the cell of the plant. As long as this Initiator has not been totally identified, it is indispensable to continue recording dreams on the samael aun weor dream yoga or notebook.

The Return to The Light Book 2. Anyone who awakens drream consciousness may become clairvoyant. You can learn uoga about this by reading scriptures from the tradition. If the disciple silences all his samael aun weor dream yoga in the calm of the night, he will hear his samael aun weor dream yoga then he can cause that note to vibrate loudly, akn will and when the note is already so loud that it invades and semi-paralyzes the entire physical body, the disciple should get out of bed and betake himself to the Gnostic Church for the Masters of the White Brotherhood will receive him there with incomparable happiness.

Paperbackpages. Who is it That Dreams? This is what I like about Gnosis: Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Brothers and sisters, pray and meditate a great deal to your Divine Mother Kundalini as follows: Nevertheless, all the spiritual, isolated parts of the Being want to achieve absolute perfection in their tasks.

Astral Projection and Dream Yoga, a Free Online Course

Have we Considered eeor sexual states during sleep? Thus, the disciple must fall asleep while vocalizing with tranquility samael aun weor dream yoga his bed. The student is unveiling the veil of Isis little by little. He will get into bed, and having turned off all the lights, will lay on his back with his eyes closed and place both hands on his solar plexus.