Mario Bellatin’s Beauty Salon, translated elegantly from the Spanish by Kurt Hollander, is a strange and beautiful parable about human bodies living and dying. 7 Aug ‘Beauty Salon’. By MARIO BELLATIN AUG. 7, There are periods in which the beauty salon is completely empty. This happens when all. “An extremely slender, sad tale by Bellatin recounts a gay man’s reflections on the waning days of Formerly a stylist in a beauty salon in an unnamed city, the narrator, a transvestite, has Full description. Main Author: Bellatin, Mario,

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He recites individuals types and recollects their behavior, with particular attention to violent encounters or mysterious deaths, starting with the first three fish he ever bellatjn. Lots of hype around this one; in the end, not much here after all.

There is no gelleza focus on this, as if we’re listening to the rasped and rushed words of a man on his deathbed, and yet there is a confessional quality to it, with topics fading salon de belleza mario bellatin and out as he calmly speaks on. While the garbage fish try to keep the tank clean, similar to the white blood cells, the axototls destroy them and condemn the tank to a slow death.

Salón de belleza (novela)

A Nose for Fiction. This is the first work of Bellafin to be translated into English and I cannot help but wonder what subtle linguistic notations were lost salon de belleza mario bellatin translation. The fish are rather pivotal to the story, reflecting all aspects of humanity in the novella. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. He allows no sense of hope, discourages encouragement when symptoms temporarily subside, and bans any religious prayer or icons.

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What we do hear much about is the rareness and uniqueness of the fish; the narrator is fascinated by the dynamics within the tank, especially those between sick and healthy fish. Although the plague is never named, there is salon de belleza mario bellatin strong implication of being the AIDs epidemic.

Beauty Salon

It might not be pretty, but I’d still be interested in reading more of Bellatin’s work in the future, pretty or no. This title came to my attention through an article: The beauty salon as heaven? Of course, Beauty Mqrio does not share any of the whimsy of this particular prank, but what it does have is an amazing attention to details salon de belleza mario bellatin an ability to provoke deep thought This is its first translation into English. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Paperback63 pages. Aug 29, Evita Galindo-Doucette rated it really liked it.

Mario Bellatin, Salón de belleza. | Books Worth Reading | Pinterest | Books

My book club read this spare and depressing novella and I have to say it’s one of the more useless books I’ve ever read. Forged from bellzea partnership between salon de belleza mario bellatin university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Thanks to his ‘unusual’ personality, though, Bellatin was featured in the New York Times. However, eventually nobody even mentions the fish. As the disease ravages the salon de belleza mario bellatin, leaving its victims to die alone in a society than shuns them, at risk of attack from the predatory Goat Killer Gang, the Terminal offers precious refuge. It doesn’t necessarily make him hard, but it makes him seem appear callous, even if that, too, isn’t quite right.

At only 60 pages, I don’t resent the time I spent reading it.

Salón de belleza (novela) – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

An unusual short novella more like a long short storythis strange parable can be read in under an hour, but has a rather disquieting effect. Kesinlikle huzursuz edici bir roman. To view it, click here. This obsession is a significant part of the structure of salon de belleza mario bellatin novel: This tiny book, smaller even than the novels of Cesar Aira, takes 2 or 3 mad ideas and tosses them together: Very little action occurs and the book seems an attempt to sketch the character of this narrator, yet I still can’t understand him He explains that he fell—as if by accident—into running the hospice: He belongs to a community outcast by religious institutions, and the totality of destruction wrought upon those touched salon de belleza mario bellatin the plague could easily lead one to feel they are salon de belleza mario bellatin by a creator.


One might also think of Saramago’s Blindness and other books where disease seems to wipe out a population, though the focus on the narrator’s lifestyle reminds the reader that not everyone is dying of this disease.

But in my work the rules of the game are always obvious, the guts are exposed, and you can see what is being cooked up. Salon de belleza mario bellatin main character was at times very unlikeable which was disturbing.

I argue that the hyper-allegorization in the novel causes the reader to experience the creation of an analogous deathly space that seems to restrict or compromise interpretative life.

Return to Book Page. Mar 04, Doug rated it liked it. Bellatin isolates us with his narrator, and yet keeps us at a remove from him; reading this novella resembled what I would imagine life inside an aquarium to be like, we readers fish swimming in cloudy water, behind glass, within a room that is populated but from which we are at a remove — cast outside of more traditional narrative techniques.

Lists with This Book. The narrator only accepts men note that it is not just men who are affected by this illness, but the narrator always turns away women salon de belleza mario bellatin children and only accepts those whose death is imminent. Nothing is ever named, not the narrator, those awaiting the end in The Terminal, or even the plague, which only intensifies the essence of being an outcast, denied even a name in the eyes of the ideals of society.

If we are the fish, then we’re really simply floating through life, subject to the whims of a greater force outside the tank The writing is salon de belleza mario bellatin than the plot. His nightlife is full of dangers from others, such as a gang that attacks men like him who dress as women and these victims that survive the sporadic violence are subjected to further suffering as they are subsequently shunned by the general population.