Restaurant menu, map for Saladworks located in , Vineland NJ, Routes 47 & Saladworks, LLC is a restaurant franchise that serves made-to-order entrée salads, wraps, soups, and sandwiches. Saladworks restaurants are categorized as fast casual, and the company markets its menu as a healthy alternative to other fast food fare. 21 reviews of Saladworks ” stars First of all, I love Sweetgreen. Yes, it is kinda pricey (~$15 for a salad), but I actually get meals out of an order so it’s not.

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Romaine, iceberg, radiatorre pasta, chunk tuna, tomatoes, egg whites, nicoise olives, green beans. Romaine, iceberg, chicken, homemade baked croutons, chopped eggs, parmesan cheese.

Find out how Healthy Dining’s dietitians and marketing team can help your restaurant meet the nutrition needs of your guests. Baby spring msnu, chicken, Mandarin oranges, sliced cucumbers, carrots, craisins, chow mein noodles. Sweet Potato and Bean Chili Recipe. Turkey, craisins, corn, carrots and sunflower seeds, served on a bed of lettuce mix topped with crispy apple chips.

Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians, in collaboration with the National Restaurant Association, is working with restaurants nationwide to offer mmenu a selection of Kids LiveWell menu choices.


Assuming 2, salqdworks per day, the recommended fat intake for a full day is between 44 and 78 grams. However, values for sodium and cholesterol are posted, so that consumers can make informed choices. Daily nutritional needs vary, and it is each individual’s personal responsibility to choose foods that meet his or her unique nutritional needs.

Retrieved 2 December Views Read Edit View history. Order according to the Special Request instructions to obtain the nutrition values listed here. Franchise Fast Casual Restaurant.


Healthy Dining’s nutrition staff reviews all menu items before posting them on the site to determine levels of caloriesfatsaturated fatsodium and other nutrients. Saladworks Menu SaladworkdJohn Scardapane developed the Saladworks concept while working as a gourmet chef at a southern New Jersey country club. All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from June Romaine, iceberg, feta, nicoise olives, sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes, onions, banana peppers.

Red peppers, turkey, Swiss cheese, meni, focaccia bread. Chicken Monterey Chicken, spicy Monterey jack, tomatoes, romaine, focaccia bread. The Healthy Dining fat guideline for one meal is 25 grams or fewer.

Saturated Fat View all: Saaladworks began franchising in[3] and by had 88 locations in eight states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and Illinois.

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin.


This page was last edited on 30 Julyat The bankruptcy filing said it was looking for an investor. However, please note that: Fresh iceberg and romaine, radiatorre pasta, tangy pepperoni, tomatoes, baked ham, and oven browned turkey.

Retrieved December 10, Today, the franchise operates over restaurant locations in 13 states and has announced plans to expand into new markets in the United States and internationally.

Retrieved 6 August The National Restaurant Association is proud to introduce Saoadworks LiveWell to assist parents and children in selecting healthful menu options when dining out.

Archived from the original on 20 May Spring mix, green apple slices, grilled chicken, bleu cheese, craisins, candied salafworks.

Most of the menu items featured on this site contain significantly fewer than 8 grams of saturated fat. Romaine, iceberg, roasted turkey, crispy bacon, tomatoes.

Saladworks Menu & Nutrition Information

Roasted turkey, Swiss, romaine, tomato, focaccia bread. Romaine, iceberg, radiatorre pasta, roasted turkey, crispy swladworks, tomatoes. Analysis does not include your choice of spreads or dressings.