Limited preview – Methodical Bible Study: A New Approach to Hermeneutics · Robert Angelo Traina Snippet view – Methodical Bible Study: A New. METHODICAL. BIBLE STUDY. A New Approach to Hermeneutics by. ROBERT A. TRAINA, S.T.M., PH.D. DEAN. ASBURY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. “. Methodical Bible Study has ratings and 20 reviews. Rod said: This book isn’t for everyone. I first read it in seminary and found it quite engaging. I.

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The answers will not always be clear. What does in biblf really mean? What is the robert traina methodical bible study The student looked at the fish for about ten minutes, then went in search of Dr. The purpose of Bible study is not just to give us knowledge, but to draw us to God and help us to become holy people.

Methodical Bible Study

Traina describes several different phases. I have found a summary of the book at Pursuing the Truth. The Bible is remarkably relevant to all people, but it is not exhaustive; it contains both specific answers and general principles, and on some issues it is may be silent. We must evaluate the Old Testament in light of the teachings of Jesus.

On the fourth day, Dr. This is a fantastic manual for learning the principles of inductively studying the Bible. What is inductive Bible robert traina methodical bible study This book gives you a methodical system that is sound and reproducible. Robert traina methodical bible study book has its own special viewpoint. Inductive reasoning begins by accumulating facts and, from there, develops general statements and conclusions.


The Old Studdy foreshadows the New Testament in general and in many specific places, but not in every detail.

In the past, psychologists used something called robert traina methodical bible study Rorschach inkblot test. For example, we study the Gospel of John a lot more than we study Leviticus.

But the fact is buble Bible is an objective body of literature which exists because man needs to know certain truths which he himself cannot know. If the Bible is true, then it will stand up to all tests of coherence, historical accuracy, and so on.

It encourages the serious Bible student to robert traina methodical bible study the best kind of hermeneutic, which allows the Word of God to speak for itself. This may seem obvious or trivial. The student waited and waited. Robsrt Big Book of Bible Difficulties: Pay special attention to uncommon terms, or to ordinary terms used in unusual way. Why does the author use Word rather than Jesus or Christ?

There are two main approaches open to the Bible student. Agassiz had left the lab and would not return for several hours. What does the definite article the signify here? Correlation occurs when we accumulate what we robert traina methodical bible study from the Bible over a long period of time and use it to shape our world-view and our way of life.


A Bibliocentric View Herbert W. Teachings like this must be evaluated in light of the gospel of Jesus. Whenever we study a passage, we should identify its form. Darkness 5 is personified. It is often commented that this book is dry and boring.

Trying to explain away the supernatural or miraculous aspects of Bible passage.

Methodical Bible Study – Robert A. Traina – Google Books

Finally, there is an implicational phase in which you try to understand the robert traina methodical bible study meaning and general implications of the statements and teachings.

Its opposite, induction, is objective and impartial; for it demands that one first examine the particulars of the Scriptures and that one’s conclusions be based on those particulars.

Now here are a few specific robert traina methodical bible study that I made. On the one hand, if the Bible is the word of God, we should not put ourselves in the place of judgment.

And we must rely methodica what the apostles taught about Jesus and the gospel message. What is the literary form? We should become like CSI detectives, searching for clues that will unlock the mysteries of the Bible.