14 Dec Custom Concrete Prep and Polish is proud to be a certified applicator of the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®. The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® is the innovative combination of diamond grinding, polishing, and the RetroPlate® densifier. Advanced Floor. Proprietary polar technology pulls contaminants out and up from concrete and It is used in conjunction with the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System for.

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This technologically advanced two part, 1: Provide your applicator or technical field representative with a hard color sample swatch, or select a color from any of Sherwin Williams color books.


With the RetroPlate System, problem floors are a thing of the past! A new floor’s colored aggregate, recycled glass or other decorative material can be broadcast into the surface to be exposed during the grinding process.

With the RetroPlate System, three levels of shine are provided. The product is not a topical sealer, but rather, a penetrating sealer that fills the microscopic gaps that sysrem in the floor’s crystalline structure, and does not change the appearance of concrete or terrazzo.

Retroplate | Concrete Grinding

RetroPel has been formulated with advanced, water-based fluoropolymers to protect against tough oil and water-based stains. RetroPlate is especially great for commercial spaces where cost effective yet elegant flooring is a major necessity. More than million square feet of the RetroPlate System has been applied in the United States alone.

The unique ability retroplate concrete polishing system the Retroplate concrete polishing system System to combine the architectural, artistic nature of design with function and permanence of the best hardener in the business allows for unlimited possibilities for floor design. Water Versus Solvent Based Sealers.


The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System provides a functional solution to floor problems, as well as being architecturally and design ambitious. A RetroPlate floor achieves the majority of its strength within the first 48 hours, but the floor continues to tighten-up and complete its seal for up to 6 months following the initial installation. Although imparting a beautiful shine, RetroPlate does not create a slippery floor.

Please use this form if you have any questions or comments about our website and we’ll get back with you very soon. Available in 14 standard colors Custom colors available.

It is UV-stable, and therefore, applicable on both exterior as well as interior surfaces. Chemically Attracts and Suspends Grit and Oil When activated by water, powerfully attracts soils and grit, holding them in suspension. Thank you for your comment and your continued support. Safely washes retroplate concrete polishing system sewer drains.

green & sustainable flooring solutions

It comes out well over colored concrete, bare concrete, acid retroplate concrete polishing system, integral colour, dry shake hardener and terrazzo.

Grinding can be light to heavy depending on the desired level of exposed aggregate. Section – Special Concrete Floor Finish. Can also be used to clean untreated concrete surfaces and all hard floor surfaces not natural sysetm. Put Your Best Floor Forward Through a patented process of diamond grinding, concrete polishing and densification retroplate concrete polishing system the specially-formulated RetroPlate densifier, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System transforms concrete into surfaces of permanent strength, beauty and longevity.

CreteStrip CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove tire marks and acrylic coatings from concrete and masonry surfaces.

Advanced Floor Products (Retroplate) – DCI Flooring | Industrial Seamless Floors and Walls

By creating a smooth, retroplate concrete polishing system surface, maintenance is reduced dramatically, and tire marks are completely eliminated. A World of Concrete Flooring Treatments. This densification process inhibits the penetration of water, oils and other contaminants.

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Spills must still be cleaned on a regular basis. Although imparting retroplate concrete polishing system beautiful shine, RetroPlate does not create a slippery floor. The natural look and feel of polished and protected concrete is a perfect combination of old world construction and charm and modern technology and convenience.

Designed specifically for floor applications subject to light vehicle traffic i. RetroPlate does away with the need for a long list of concrete sealers.

Level B is retroplate concrete polishing system high gloss shine with a good degree of reflectivity. It was developed as a companion product for maintaining concrete and terrazzo floors treated with the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System. Ease of Maintenance By creating a smooth, dust-free surface, maintenance is reduced dramatically, and tire marks are completely eliminated.

Unlimited Decorative Combination The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System provides a functional solution to floor problems, as well as being architecturally and design ambitious. Ease of Maintenance Our RetroPlate system assists ongoing maintenance of retroplate concrete polishing system flooring thanks to its high abrasion resistance and impact strength. Enhances colored concrete, whether integrally colored or topically applied.

CreteFill Pro 75 CreteFill Pro 75 is designed to fill damaged control joints, or new retroplate concrete polishing system joints on horizontal concrete. The RetroPlate densification process closes off the surface of the floor and locks in concrete salts, keeping the surface from dusting.