Some flight video and a quick walkaround of my new RC Powers F V5. RCSuperPowers. RC Powers Hydro Jet V5 Airframe Kit. RC Powers F V5 Airframe Kit. RC Powers SU V5 Airframe Kit. RC Powers F V5 Airframe Kit. RC Powers T V5. Product description. NEW PILOT / BUILDER RESOURCE OVERVIEW So you are a new pilot or Buy Rc Powers: Read Apps & Games Reviews –

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Dave, are these plans going to be added to my membership page for my birthday? The MPL is part of the download and shows all the components required to build foam jets. As I proceed through the build I will keep the site updated with my progress. Unfortunately it is not used in North America. Wow guys, I can’t keep up with you It looks like a heap of fun! Okay thanks for all the help Log In to reply. If it doesn’t I’m going to have to make one of the V2’s.

There’s the “basic 4” F, F, Euro, F which you are sort of supposed to build in order now and after that I can’t see this one being a problem for anyone. Nobel0 on November 19, Well then I will shut my mouth!

Everything is notched as usual so it all goes into the right place at the right angles so as long as you are careful on your cuts it should go together a treat. If so, how did it fly? Plans are available rxpowers download in PDF format.


RCPowers F-35 v2 (A free PDF plan)

There are 4 models available and each one has a specific purpose including rcowers trainer, beginner type as well as a 3D high alpha type for the more experienced flyer. EnriforAlpha2jonathan and 4 others like this. I’d get stareted on it but I’m waiting to see if the V1 turns up.

It’s a very good plane for beginners, very stable Is it a 4ch Log In to reply. Made from balsa ply and fiberglass and covered with flat finish Monokote. Sent from my Htc Thunderbolt. Alpha2Zabriel rcpowefs, Wsamoset and 1 other person like this.

Comments Have your say about what you just read! Discussion rcpowerx ‘ Scratchbuilding! Flying Kiwi on October 4, Better flight performance compared to foam models. Electric powered and of rcpoers smaller convenient size for easy transportation. I just got my plans for this one and can’t wait to get started.

Kostas on October 20, Benn Gunn on October 22, RC Powers Foam Jets: The Grayson Hobby motors are nice too.

RC Powers Foam Jets: Lots of fun with minimum cost

Looking for your store account? Flies good fast though. When YOU are the manufacturer then you can build new parts and be flying again in no time!

Okay thanks I checked there website but it doesn’t say the rank new flyers, beginners, intermediate, etc is that I have flown very few so do you recommend it for me. Some chaps leave the paper on easier to paint? Awesome looking plane guys, well done! I would think that this is more of a second model rather than a first attempt, although some may prove me wrong!


All the electronic parts are listed, with specifications, so you can substitute if required. Has anyone tcpowers scaling this down to work on 20×30 inch dollar tree foam board?

I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. You do not have to be super critical about this, rcpowefs all parts will be slightly smaller or bigger, by the same amount.

There’s just a lot of parts. It conveniently has hot links to various suppliers.

If it flies well then I have several ideas for power systems rcpkwers mind. Click here or on the above images to visit the RC Powers web site, for full details including the V4 Pro Pack that contains all 4 foam jets plus full instructions and more. Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. Another mini rcpowers jet, the T Pak fa! The wing area specs offer so many options as far as weight goes.

The best foam to use is apparently 6mm thick Depron. Wow, thanks Log In to reply. Photo is from the RC Powers. I have read and accept the privacy policy. Hello guys does any one has the plans????

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