Find great deals on eBay for Rackham Miniatures in Confrontation War Games. Shop with confidence. A website listing all the Rackham Confrontation figures until they went pre- painted plastics. Also lists Confrontation figures produced by other manufacturers . 17 Feb The IP still exists in various forms (I’ve seen a so-so video game,) but Rackham is dead. Short story version is they needed capital to expand so.

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There is a main page for the familiars as well confrongation pages devoted to each blister. Do not fool yourself. These personalized warbands can be played in games of Confrontation or Rag’Narok, though they are not sanctioned for official tournaments.

Last two high-res images are up. Age of Ragnarok”, Rackham changed the supporting miniature line from unpainted metal figures to pre-painted plastic figures.

Miniatures & Games from Rackham – Noble Knight Games

Check out the FAQ. Now the round is based on only 4 phases with shooting taking place in the activation and magic being used throughout the round dictated by card text.

I still need to add a link to download the cards, and will likely add more information to these pages. I do have one set but they are already assembled and shined–probably driving down the sale value if I wanted to sell them. The rules of this subgame resemble Space Hulk somewhat. This update also significantly changed the balance of ranged units by giving them the abilities “Bull’s eye” and “Assault fire” and giving units that already had those abilities “cookies” to improve them.

Last Drivers  HERMLE Z326K PDF

It has also inspired a role-playing game, named after one of its major cities: This edition made major changes connfrontation the rules, including changing the cconfrontation scope from single-model skirmish to small unit battle.

BREAKING: Rackham Confrontation KS Date Announced

Unless you speak German you have to click on the figure to find out what its name is. Their Magicians focus on Elemental and Darkness spells. Wolfen who have separated from the rest of their confrohtation after Vile-Tis showed ocnfrontation the moon goddess Yllia had only contempt for her children. Ever forward, boys—ever forward. The book also includes an extensive section covering the changes to the existing model line and associated cards.

Separate shooting and magic phases were also done away with.

I’m a huge fan of anything tabletop. For comparison purposes, the system’s figures are slightly larger than those of Games Workshop or The Foundry.

Sophet Drahas the King of Ashes

The Scorpions of Dirz were founded by a high priest of Merin who was so consumed with attaining perfection that he began dark experiments combining man and science. Shipping costs will be calculated after the end of the campaign.

This page was last edited on 12 Augustat You can help by adding to it. They work together as sister organizations, coordinating global tournaments and leagues.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Posted in Rackham old.

Rackham Miniatures | eBay

The fourth edition of Confrontation was named “Confrontation: During these ten years, the players experienced: They are available in french, english, italian, german and spanish. Age of Ragnarok has re-issued the game cards to reflect the new rules and statistics. In the meantime, here are the cards for the Meteors of the Aegis, courtesy of a generous reader. We listen to what people say on social media, and consult with the most passionate players.


The advanced and complete rules of Confrontation as well as the Dogs od War expansion soon are already downloadable! A small plate of counters representing ‘Mana’, the very essence of Magic, is also included.

A guide to finding the now out-of-print Rackham Rxckham miniatures. A little over a week ago Legacy Miniatures, in conjunction with CoolMiniOrNotreleased three more sets of models formally produced by Rackham: That being said, this is a very manual process, and the old archive see column on the right is still there for now. With the release of confrontaion The main challenge surrounding this epic project is to respect the historical work of the authors and artists who gave life to this prolific universe.

The community of Confrontation is global. Support Select this reward.

Instead it appears to be a recast of the pre-paint figure thats available in the Cadwe FFG hero set.