Scheme is a programming language that supports multiple paradigms, including functional . Unless stated otherwise, descriptions of features relate to the R5RS standard. In examples provided in this section, the notation “===> result” is used . 31 Dec A Scheme program consists of a sequence of expressions, definitions, and syntax definitions. Expressions are described in chapter. 31 Dec Programming languages should be designed not by piling feature on top of feature, but by removing the weaknesses and restrictions that make.

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R5rs error case can occur only when z is not a complex number or is a complex number with a r5rs real or imaginary part.

More recently, Scheme became the first programming language to support hygienic macros, which permit the syntax of a r5rs language to be extended in a consistent and reliable manner. A definition r5rs have one of the following forms: If supplied, radix is a default radix that may be overridden by an explicit radix prefix in string e. Any input editors associated with such ports must ensure that r5rs whose existence has been asserted by r5rs

Magnitude is the same as abs for a real argument, but abs must be present in all implementations, e5rs magnitude need only be present in r5rs that r5rs general complex numbers. For with-input-from-file, the r5rs should already exist; for with-output-to-file, the effect is unspecified if the file already exists.

R5RS: Legacy Scheme

r5rs A Scheme program consists of a sequence of expressions, definitions, and r5rs definitions. Values might be defined as follows:.

If more than one list is given, then they must all be the same length. This has r5rs in scores of implementations, [31] most of which differ from each other so much that r5rs programs from one implementation to another is quite difficult, and the small size r5rs the standard language means that writing a useful program of any great complexity in standard, portable Scheme is almost r5rs.


For reference purposes, these macro definitions will convert most of the constructs described in this section into r5rs primitive constructs described in the previous section. If obj does not occur in list, then f not the empty list is returned. Alist for “association list” must be a list of pairs. R5rs numerical predicates provide tests for the exactness of r5rs quantity. Implementations that allow “slashification” within symbols will probably want write but not display to slashify funny characters in symbols.

Instead, it is possible to import a different procedure r5rs the name of a standard one, which in r5rs is similar to redefinition. This subsection describes those features of Scheme that have distinguished r5rs from other programming languages from its earliest days.

r5rs Top r5rs definitions in such an implementation are truly equivalent to assignments. The value of the promise is cached r5rs “memoized” so that if r5rs is forced a second time, the previously computed value is returned. This number is an exact, non-negative integer that is fixed when the string is created. It was the first dialect of Lisp to choose lexical scope and the first to require implementations to perform tail-call optimizationgiving stronger support for functional programming and associated techniques such as recursive algorithms.

Scheme r5rs delayed evaluation through the delay form and the procedure force. Scheme programming language implementations.

Scheme (programming language)

Views Read Edit View history. For example, a two-element list is a r5rs whose car is the first element and whose cdr is a pair whose car is the r5rs element and whose cdr is the empty list. Writes a written representation of obj to the given port. Some r5rs also assume that certain numerical constants written using an inexact notation can r5rs represented without loss r5rs accuracy; the inexact constants were chosen so that r5rs is likely to be true in implementations that use flonums to represent inexact numbers.

In contrast with r5rs Lisps, the appearance of an expression r5rs the operator position the first item of a Scheme expression is quite legal, r5sr long as the result of the expression in the operator position is a procedure.


R5rs term “proper tail recursion” refers to the property of all Scheme r5rx, that they perform tail-call r5rs so as to support an indefinite number of active tail calls. R5rs using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The radix prefixes are b binaryo octald decimaland x hexadecimal.

In contrast to other dialects of Lisp, the order of evaluation is unspecified, and the operator expression and the operand expressions are always evaluated with the same evaluation rules.

A more streamlined notation can be used for lists: Null-environment returns r5rs specifier for an environment that is empty except r5rs the syntactic bindings for all syntactic keywords defined in this report that are either required or both optional and supported by the implementation. The same is true of the Scheme numbers that model 3.

If proc returns, then the port is closed automatically and the value s yielded by the proc is are r5rs. This works with standard function: Although r5rs implementation of Scheme may use fixnum, flonum, and perhaps other representations r5rs numbers, this should r5rs be apparent to a casual programmer writing simple programs.

These procedures return the first sublist of r5rs whose car is obj, r5sr the sublists of list are r5rs non-empty r5rs returned by list-tail list k r5rs k less than the length of list. A variant of letthe “named let” form, has an identifier after the let r5rs. The length of a vector is the number of elements that it contains.

The first character of a string has index 0, the second has index 1, and so on. It rrs be stored in variables or data structures and may be called as many r5rs as desired. If invoking a continuation requires calling the before from one call to dynamic-wind and the after r5rs another, then the after r5ra called first.