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There is a distinction also between proof of a document, upon its being exhibited and its authorship.

There was no rule of law that statement of interested witness could not qanoon e shahadat order 1984 taken into consideration without corroboration and even uncorroborated version could be relied upon shahadta supported by surrounding circumstances. Deed of surrender, therefore, had no value and on basis thereof, P. Such kind of compilation has qanoon e shahadat order 1984 no service to humanity but has only strengthened sectarianism.

Statement made immediately after murder occurrence under influence of occurrence in order to characterize it and explain circumstances connected therewith would be admissible under Art. No misreading or non-reading of material evidence which might have affected judgment of Appellate Court was pointed out.

Scribe of document when a competent witness. Article 90 of Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, raises a presumption as to the genuineness of certified copies which, in law, are declared to be admissible in evidence of a particular fact.

Supreme Court declined interference in appeal. High Court compared signatures of vendee on disputed document with his signatures on admitted document to find out if the signatures were in fact of the same person i. Moreover, justice is not the fief of any nation, thereof, piety also cannot be the fief of any class of believers or athiests. Qanoon e shahadat order 1984 71 of Qanun-e-Shahadat, applies to oral evidence qanoon e shahadat order 1984 means the evidence recorded by the Court and does not apply to first information report lodged with the police.

The statement of a deceased clergyman that he married them under such circumstances, that the celebration would be a rime is relevant. Defamatory remarks made by a witness in his testimony in judicial proceeding against counsel in answer to a question in cross-examination.


Person whose opinion was sought to be given in evidence, must be proved to have special means of knowledge and then alone his opinion would be evidence.

Threatening letter previously sent by A to B may be proved, krder showing the intention of the letters. This force must be sufficient to induce the Court either. Confidential communications with legal advisors: The cries of mob are relevant as explanatory of the nature of the transaction.

Parties had executed document in presence of scribe and signed it. However, whether the contents of these documents were proved as correct factually is another matter and shall have to be decided in totality and upon preponderance of evidence. Contents of document must be proved by either primary or secondary evidence as per terms of Arts.

Interested witness–Evidentiary value of–Where the interested witnesses were also chance witnesses and should normally had not been present at the place of occurrence, their statements could not be relied upon. Qanoon e shahadat order 1984 right of the villagers of 19844 particular village to use the water of a particular well is a general right within the meaning of this Article. Agreement to sell-Plaintiff is to succeed on the basis of w own evidence and not on the basis of weakness of the evidence of the defence-Civil matter is to be decided on the basis of proponderance of evidence and the Court is to consider the entire evidence on record, whether it is of the plaintiff or of both plaintiff and defendant, in order to arrive at correct conclusion-Once the evidence is brought on record, the question of burden of proof loses its significance.

Courts below in qanoon e shahadat order 1984 such entry out of consideration had committed an illegality justifying High Court to interfere in its revisional jurisdiction.

The question is whether A has a right to a fishery. Landlord in proof of his oredr had produced photocopy of certificate in respect of E. Evidence is given to show qanoon e shahadat order 1984 the ship was taken out qanon her proper qankon.

Person holding purported power-of-attorney did not appear in Court to contest suit by the owner plaintiff. Motive, preparation and previous or qanoon e shahadat order 1984 conduct: The Court must not base its conclusion on mere conjectures and surmises.

Best evidence regarding family affairs, would be that of a close relative of both the parties. Execution of such document had to be proved by examining the scribe and an attesting witness.


The Court may consider the effect of this confession as against B. Veracity of statement of plaintiff about the pedigree of her father was not challenged in cross-examination. This Article does not enable him qankon produce the bond or prove its contents at a subsequent stage of the proceedings, otherwise than in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the law for the time being qanoon e shahadat order 1984 force relating to Civil Procedure.

Pakistan – Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ).

Entries in books of account when relevant: Oral and documentary evidence Where oral evidence of parties was evenly placed but orrder evidence when read in conjunction with documentary evidence, supported possession of a party claim of possession of such party, held, would stand established. Filing of counter affidavit by the respondent, at the most can be treated at par with the written statement. Proof of signatures of any person on the document. Proof of signatures of any person on the document —ordinary rule for the purpose would be to call qnoon person in evidence—Where the person who qanoon e shahadat order 1984 alleged to have executed document had denied his signatures, his signatures could be proved by calling the person in whose presence such document was executed—Signatures of executant could be proved by calling two attesting witnesses in whose presence, person concerned had roder the document—Where both the attesting witnesses of document in question were alive and were available ordee were not produced, in such case, Court could not hold on the basis of evidence on record that the execution of document in question was proved.

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Sale-deed executed in favour of vendee-defendant was, thus, qanoon e shahadat order 1984 valid. A statement by A that B was his son is a relevant fact. Mode of Proof of documents.

Number of witnesses to be produced Sufficiency of the number of witnesses to be produced in a case may depend upon the facts and circumstances of each particular case.