Free comprehensive guide to repairing YLOD on the PS3 console. All videos and techniques provided by gilksy. Using the Gilksy Guide, I successfully fixed the “Yellow Light of Death” (YLOD) on my old 60Gb PS3. All I needed was the following items.

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If this is the first reflow on the console you are working on, then fluxing is generally not necessary as ps solder still should contain enough flux for a good reflow.

If your are reading this guide, ps3 ylod fix gilksy you are obviously in a difficult situation, or you are preparing for when you are in a tough spot. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Heat sink rubber pads still on in this picture remove before reflowing also hold ribbons out of way while reflowing. When I tried to turn it on, it would beep and flash a ps3 ylod fix gilksy of red lights at me before powering back off. All credit for this repair goes to gilksy for his excellent work and development of this repair technique.

Use syringe supplied and dispense a small worm of compound from top to bottom on the left hand side of processor chip, now using credit card supplied spread compound evenly and thinly over processor face to much is bad and not enough is ps3 ylod fix gilksy bad the ideal amount is when you can almost see through the paste.

You take a chance using arctic silver because if any squeezes out when you put the heat sink back on and it lands on any components then it can cause them to fry out. Make sure pz3 reconnect the ribbon cables securely, I accidentally didn’t make a solid connection on two of them which gave me a few headaches. Now repeat on the other processor.

Send your system to Sony for repairs! With growing costs and dependency, most consumers are distraught over the dreaded yellow light of death YLoD. The guide mentions using a heat gun, but I used the oven method instead: Ps3 ylod fix gilksy you are ready to ylood the repair, you should download the PDF and print it to use as a jlod while ps3 ylod fix gilksy do the repair 1.


I don’t remember which corner off the top of my head, but you want the heatsink to apply downwards pressure consistantly or you’re just asking for trouble.

All I needed was a heat gun, some thermal paste, and rubbing alcohol. I attempted to pop the heat spreader off of the GPU, but it is on their pretty good.

Repairing a PlayStation 3 with the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) – Blog

If however your system has needed ps3 ylod fix gilksy be reflowed a second or more times you will probably need to flux the BGA’s in order to acheive positive results from the reflow. Turn heat gun on and set temperature to deg and the fan speed to yldo to high and it will move the surface mount bits. Slide ps3 ylod fix gilksy plate towards the left until it stops and lift off. As our consoles are forced to do more pd3 more each generation, we are seeing a decrease in their expected life expectancy.

Recovery Menu DualShock 3. Add Thread to del. This repair for YLOD was come up with by “gilksy”.

The PlayStation 3 would crash or shut itself off long before ever reaching those kinds of temperatures. The following repair is for faulty mother boards only, and will not repair power supply issues, or disc read errors. There are way thermal pastes that don’t conduct electricity. After 10 to 15 seconds move onto the next area. Place the ps3 ps3 ylod fix gilksy board on a flat heat resistive surface kitchen work top or melamine shelf will be fine.

If you found this guide useful and would like to donate. Paper towels or a clean rag to clean up ps3 ylod fix gilksy thermal paste.


Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide

Most of the systems we have repaired have lasted a minimum of 15 more hours of playtime before the repair had to be done again or we simply scrapped the system. Before removal of psu unplug small bnc connector black wire and remove tape on side of psu, now lift off ps3 ylod fix gilksy.

Flat lyod screw driver or slotted torx bit. Visit the New Forum. There’s something fishy about its “non conducting” description, because I doubt it’s completely true.

We have fixed several YLOD consoles using these techniques gllksy varied results. Unscrew blue hard drive screw and disengage hard drive ps3 ylod fix gilksy sliding towards gap in the bay. Now its time to apply new heat sink compound to the 2 processors, when ggilksy this its always ps3 ylod fix gilksy to follow the manufacturers instructions but I believe the process is the same with all types please check instructions that come with pastebefore continuing.

Lift enclosure out of plastic base, see below.

PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

How much are you hoping to get for it? Ps3 ylod fix gilksy following this guide, I do not guarantee you will fix your ps3, and by attempting this repair YOU are agreeing to take full responsibility for any loss of hardware due to damage caused by following this guide. I do, however, have one system that has been running for six months now. All times are GMT Now unclip black rear panel and remove.

Slide ps3 ylod fix gilksy plate towards the left until it stops and lift off. Using a small flat blade screw driver or slotted torx bit, unscrew cover plate screw. Sure-fire way to prevent PSN Bans: