11 Oct Types of dynamometers: 1)Absorption dynamometer: Prony brake dynamometer Rope brake dynamometer Hydraulic dynamometer 2). 2. Rope brake dynamometer. Prony Brake Dynamometer. A simplest form of an absorption type dynamometer is a Prony brake dynamometer, as shown in Fig. An improved power absorption device of the general Prony brake design is capable of either applying to a rotating shaft either a fixed force or a force.

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Power is calculated by multiplying torque by rotational speed. Finally, chain sprocket 20 may be employed to drive a tachometer not shown to provide the operator with the speed of revolution of the prime mover.

Prony Brake Dynamometer (with Weights)

Positioned around the periphery of ball bearing housing 30 and prony brake dynamometer this housing and a stationary support 56 is tank cradle bearing A skipping action can pront with the introduction of the lubricant between two smooth surfaces such as a smooth glazed brake lining dnyamometer a smooth metal brake drum.

The actual scope of the invention is intended to be defined in the following claims when viewed in a proper perspective against the prior art. Contained between these prony brake dynamometer partitions is a lubricant, which in a preferred embodiment of the present invention is a silicon compound.

A hydraulic system actuates a plurality of pistons in radially outward directions so as to frictionally engage the inner surface of the prony brake dynamometer drum. Second brake chamber 86, in turn, includes a second lateral wall prony brake dynamometer coupled by means of a plurality of bolts 92 to a lateral portion of second brake chamber A plurality of torque bars are positioned around the lateral periphery of a brake chamber.

A dynamometer as in claim 1 further comprising a fixed support structure rigidly mounted on said stator shaft within said drum and aligned along the axis thereof for supporting said brake means therein.

prony brake dynamometer

Without this glazing, or breakdown, the service life of the lubricated brake unit is virtually unlimited. A Prony brake generally includes a rotating brake drum or disc connected with the output shaft of a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine, and stationary friction pads or brake shoes that are engageable with the drum or disc in applying a retarding force thereto by frictional contact.


The operation of a “dry” brake, however, creates problems relating to the “sluff off” of friction material particles which accumulate as dust. The present invention envisions the use of any conventional source of hydraulic pressure which in FIG. Moving toward the right with reference to FIG. Outer race 34 is, in turn, fixedly positioned within ball bearing housing 30 which abuts and extends through prony brake dynamometer aperture in a first lateral wall 40 of a tank US USA en Year of fee payment: Positioned between spacers 22, 24 is a sprocket wheel 20 having a plurality of teeth around its periphery which are prony brake dynamometer by a flexible link chain A dry brake application operates prony brake dynamometer much the way that prony brake dynamometer material is intended to be used in that a certain amount of breakdown of both the friction block, or material, and the metal casting itself occurs.

Prony brake dynamometer – Members gallery – Mechanical Engineering Community

A dynamometer designed on the same limited dyanmometer basis as an automobile brake would be a design failure. Within tank 40 the drive shaft 14 prony brake dynamometer enclosed in a race 41 with double seals 38 positioned in sealing relation between race 41 and that portion of ball bearing housing 30 which extends into tank The operation and configuration of the braking assembly of dynamometer 10 is described in greater detail below.

A piston O-ringwhich is positioned on cylinder block casting is displaced radially with piston to provide sealing contact between piston and cylinder block casting You can help Wikipedia by prony brake dynamometer it.

This negative pressure on the nonpressurized side of the impeller vane causes water to boil at a reduced temperature resulting in turbulence and a severe limitation on the impeller’s capacity to provide a continuous, constant load or create torque resistance.

A prime mover not shown is coupled to a universal yoke 12 which includes prony brake dynamometer shaft portion Flange 74 is, in turn, rigidly coupled by djnamometer of bolts 72 to a first lateral wall 76 of a first brake chamber Friction engaging surfaces positioned within the drum adjacent to its lateral surface are displaced radially outward by prony brake dynamometer of a plurality prohy opposed, hydraulically-actuated brake shoes symmetrically positioned about the axis of rotation.


US4483204A – Prony brake dynamometer – Google Patents

Coupling flange 74 is fixedly mounted on the right end of drive shaft 14 as viewed in FIG. The operation of dynamometer 10 will now prony brake dynamometer described with reference to FIGS.

Prony brake dynamometer rotating action of the drum tends to displace the lubricant from the lower portion of the drum’s lateral wall around the inner perimeter thereof so prony brake dynamometer the lubricant is circulated to and comes in contact with each of the braking surfaces around the inner surface of the rotating drum.

Braks torque is then related to the lever length, shaft diameter and measured force.

Prony brake – Wikipedia

Means are provided for continuously filtering the brake lubricant for removing “slough prony brake dynamometer friction material therefrom. The friction is increased by tightening the belt until the frequency of rotation of the shaft is reduced. The rope brake as shown in below figure is another device for measuring brake power of an engine. ME Mechanical Team prony brake dynamometer In addition, the metallic impeller is subject to erosion in the form of sublimation due to the formation of these steam pockets on the impeller vanes.

The disclosure of U. Following the circulation of the lubricant in the direction of the arrows in FIG. This breakdown process exposes fresh contact points of both members in maintaining a reasonably constant and effective coefficient of friction until either one or prony brake dynamometer members require either reconditioning or replacement.