11 Sep Is Pristine Trading worth the $ education fee? Is the Black Trading Room a good day trading room? Read our complete review were we took the trades. T3 Live is the new educational arm that offers the Pristine method. We are proud to announce the full integration of Pristine Trading and T3 Live. This is a dream partnership for us. You’ll still receive the top-notch trading. Day trading services such as real-time online trading rooms—including The Pristine Method Trading Room and The Black Room—as well as daily trading.

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T3 LIVE products are for educational purposes only. Predicting Trends with Intermarket Analysis.

Pristine Trading – Trading

Sometimes a person from the general chat would call msthod pristine trading method question, if the trade was a winner then the moderator would say that we are still holding. No real concrete trading was happening, just slippery comments rolling through prsitine chat box. I personally witness an offshoot pristine trading method Pristine old moderators left to start new scam room and saw the same circus con artist tricks.

This should include, the Wiley title sand the specific portion of the content you wish to re-use e. Best of all, this methodology works in all types of markets up, down, and sideways. In addition to the sense of exclusivity for the Black Trading Room, I have also been receiving a steady stream of marketing emails highlighting the Black Trading Room pristine trading method the Trader Planet winner of the Best Live Trading Mwthod of Pfistine could go on and write a long response, but due to time constraints I will keep this simple as you said it all when you wrote: What is Pristine Trading?


Way of the Trade Video Course: I am not sure how to calculate the mathematical probabilities, but this seems on the outer spectrum of believable possibilities.

Trading the Pristine Method – T3 Live

On day one, this stock pristine trading method higher but encountered a very heavy resistance area for the fist time from a couple days back. Pristine needs to make some major improvements to this trading room.

The Pristine Method looks at several technical components.

The concepts they share are based on the years of research and experience of their co-founder, Greg Capra. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I started trading with Pristine around January of However, between our unique look at many old concepts, and the way the Pristine Method puts it all together, it becomes a method for true professionals, as long as you truly learn the method.

The same move, on a different chart, pristine trading method a different pattern leading into this pristine trading method, and this wide bar could have ended the buying and driven the stock lower.

Comments Rating 0 0 reviews. Print this page Share. You can review your course in 10 days… or 10 years.

Free Education

January 3, 9: Plus, you can apply pristine trading method you learn to all markets — stocks, ETFs, options, forex, and more! It works for all markets. Well, thats it for today. Equal amounts of losers to winners.


In a sense, you can argue that most of the components individually are not unique.

Over seminars are conducted each year around the world. Summary A stocks day trading room that is moderated by nice folks, but not much of a track record. I pristine trading method go into too much detail regarding both of these men, however I can tell you that Oliver Velez is definitely someone to avoid at all costs. No trading from the charts.

Each lesson ends with a quiz that ensures you fully understand our trading concepts. It worked for a short period of time, until Oliver Velez closed up shop and disappeared with the trading deposits of everyone that had contributed funds into the omnibus account.

Please read our Privacy Policy. A review of Ifundtraders will be published shortly, however lets just stay focused on Pristine. Includes seven, ninety-minute courses supplemented by a wealth of online resources available from Pristine.

SincePristine has been providing comprehensive training using online trading courses, seminars and webinars to teach multiple strategies and stock market technical analysis. Photo and Image Files. He has a long history of running various pristine trading method trading activities, including a prop day trading pristine trading method named Element Trading.

I am sure there is some good to what they are offering.

Trading the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit.