Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis & Predictive Maintenance Newnes r THIS BOOK WAS DEVELOPED BY IDC TECHNOLOGIES WHO ARE WE?. Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance. Paresh Girdhar BEng (Mech. Eng), Girdharand Associates. Edited by. C. Scheffer PhD. The course is concluded by a review of the other techniques of predictive maintenance such as oil and particle analysis, ultrasound and infrared thermography.

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The chart is used for casing vibrations and not meant for shaft vibrations. Motion below 10 Hz cpm produces very little vibration in terms of acceleration, moderate vibration in terms of velocity and relatively large vibrations in analyzis of displacement see Figure 2.

The user can subsequently download this data to the host computer. The oil from the front of the piston moves to the back through vibratino small opening.

Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

The value of g is 9. Errors can occur due to: Referring back to the mass-spring body, we can study the characteristics of prxctical by plotting the movement of the mass with respect to time. The FFT is thus a calculation on a sampled signal.

This mounted resonance is lower than the natural resonance of the sensor and reduces the upper frequency range. Predictive maintenance techniques actually have a very close analogy to medical diagnostic techniques.

This led to the evolution of predictive maintenance and its underlying techniques. We specialise in the fields of electrical maintenaance, industrial data communications, telecommunications.

Changes in revolution 2. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating…. This is measured with the phase difference between the upstream and downstream locations of a power transmission in a manner similar to the detection of torsional vibration as discussed earlier. In the early days of vibration analysis, time waveforms were viewed with oscilloscopes and frequency components calculated manually.


The practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance can verify whether proper maintenance was carried out on bearing or gear installation, or whether alignment or balancing was done to the required tolerances. Accelerometers consist of predictibe piezoelectric crystal made of ferroelectric materials like lead zirconate titanate and barium titanate and a small mass normally enclosed in a protective metal case.

Spectral data stored in analyzers would tend to use too much of the precious memory and it is therefore better to download FFTs to a host computer and use the computer software to display waterfall plots. These defects tend to generate a vibration frequency of twice the transmission power line frequency. Machinery – Vibration 2. The systems then assess the severity of significant changes using absolute thresholds, statistical limits and the rate of change in the calculations.

Mauntenance other words, it develops an envelope of the highest spectral machnery amplitude measured for any average. The specific techniques used depend on the type of plant equipment, their impact on production or other key parameters of plant operation. Oil Analysis Sampling Methods 7. The basics and underlying physics of vibration signals are first examined.

The predkctive approaches and equipment used together with current research techniques in vibration analysis are also highlighted precictive the course.

If FFT practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance a calculation on a sampled signal, the first question that arises is: For example, as shown in Figure 3.

Let us assume the shaft speed is practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance rpm. These are literally pulses due to alternating reinforcement and cancellation of amplitudes. Perpendicular to shaft centerline Care must be exercised in all installations to ensure mainteance the Eddy current probes are mounted perpendicular to the shaft centerline.

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Abu Dhabi Gas Industries…. Eddy current probes installed in turbomachinery are permanently installed on the machines at suitable measurement positions and connected to the online data acquisition and analysis equipment. Electrical runout Since Eddy current transducers are sensitive to the permeability and resistivity of the tai’gct material and also because the field of the transducer extends into the surface predicfive of the shaft by approximately 0. Upon successful completion of this course, the delegates will be able to: If the line frequency is 50 Hz cpmthe defect frequency would be cpm.

Bently Nevada – Machinery Practicall Management software brochure Often called expert systems, these systems require information of the machine being machinerj and its characteristics in order to build a mathematical model of the machine. For instance, vibration in paper machines has a direct effect on the quality of the paper. Predictive maintenance basics 3 1. practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance

Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance – PDF Drive

Calibration Piezoelectric accelerometers cannot be recalibrated or adjusted. Driver belt Resonance Flow-related Figure 2. Machineru, the A-axis of the graph of overall vibrations is not amplitude vs time but amplitude vs orders of rpm e. It should be stated that this method is only reliable for machinrey phase practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance because it is a visual method and thus approximate.

The sensitivity of the velocity pickup is constant over a specified frequency range, usually between 10 Hz and 1 kHz.