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The Directive lays down requirements for the potterton prima f manual and efficiency of the appliancetogether with its designconstructionand use of materials. Bend back retaining tabs and replace insulation. Earth manuak terminal marked ‘ ‘ adjacent to cable clamp.

Reconnect the fan supply and earth leads. Release water to attain the correct cold fill pressureand set the indicator on the water gauge t this value.


Feed the capillary and bulb through the hole. If other controls, such as three-position valves are used in potterton prima f manual system, the resistance through them, potterton prima f manual in their manufacturers literature must be taken into account. The whole of the gas installation including the meter should be inspected and tested for soundness and purged in accordance with the recommendations of BS Disconnect the electrode lead from electrode.

Mark holes ‘ A ‘, ‘ B ‘, ‘ D ‘, large flue outlet hole and side of boiler reference potterton prima f manual throught slots ‘ C ‘. Re-assemble fan to fluehood ensuring that the sealing gasket is in place and in good condition.

Unscrew the two hexagonal head screws securing the pilot to the main burner and remove pilot assembly and shield where fittedbe careful that the pilot injector does not fall out during this operation. A suggested method of meeting these requirements by using a bathroom radiator fitted with two lockshield valves is shown in FIGS. The boiler must be mounted on a flat wallwhich may be of combustible material and must be sufficiently robust to take the weight of the boiler.


Remove packaging from rear of the control box. Vertical Flue system which allows the flue to pass through a flat roof and terminate at a maximum height of mm 38in measured from the top of boiler case. Data Sheets describing these products are available on request. Lift pressure switch from bracket. potterton prima f manual

Remove thumb screw securing the flue elbow and remove elbow by sliding forward to disengage it from its rear retaining flange. The pilot burner is protected from blockage by a pilot filter situated within the gas control valve.

Medical attention must be sought following eye contact or prolonged reddening potterton prima f manual the skin. Unscrew the two hexagonal head potterton prima f manual securing the pilot to the main burner and remove the pilot assembly and shield where fittedbe careful that the pilot injector does not fall out during this operation.

Separate the gas control valve potterton prima f manual the flanges at the inlet and outlet ports by removing the securing screws. If on re-assembly the burner flame picture is incorrect or the correct gas rate or burner pressure cannot be obtainedremove the burner and gas control assembly and thoroughly clean the burner. The controls cover potterton prima f manual have been removed when unpacking the boilerif not remove controls cover by opening the door covering the securing screw on the underside of controls coversee FIG Further details for installation of a boiler within a compartment are given in BS Check for gas soundness at this joint by pottrton the procedure described in the commissioning section of these instructions.


Secure elbow using thumb screw previously removed. A suggested method of doing this is shown in Fig 5 where the bathroom proma is connected The boiler must be used on INDIRECT hot water systems into the gravity circuit and is fitted with two lockshield valves.

Potterton Prima 100F Manuals

There shall be no connection to the mains water supply or to the water storage tank which supplies domestic water even through a non-return valvewithout the approval of the local Water Authority. Single feed indirect cylinders are not suitable for sealed systems. It will require manually resetting potterton prima f manual an overheat condition occurs. Remove controls cover by opening the door covering the securing screw on the underside of the controls coversee FIG.

Insert flue sealing collar into wall and secure with screws providedaccessory pack B. Do not use a wire brush or pin to clean injector. Unscrew the aluminium pilot tube from the pilot assembly. potterton prima f manual

Potterton Prima 30F

Test pilot potterton prima f manual for gas soundness as follows: Switch off the external electricity supply by disconnecting the plug at the socket or switching off the external isolating switch. Noting the route taken by the capillaryremove split potterton prima f manual retaining the thermostat bulb and withdraw bulb from its pocket. Remove two screws securing the burner assembly to the bottom of the boiler case and lift out the burner and gas control assembly.

On re-assembly ensure that the spark gap is as illustrated in FIG. Disconnect the two push on electrical connections from the overheat thermostat terminals.