29 Nov There is nothing more traditional than serving a delicious potjie at your next social event! “Potjiekos” is a traditional Afrikaner dish hailing from. Explore Louise Venter’s board “Potjiekos Recipes” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about South african food, South african recipes and Cooking food. 20 Feb Potjiekos, is a traditional stew recipe from South Africa and Namibia. It is cooked outdoors in a round, cast iron, three-legged pot, called potjie.

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Stuff you should know Our most frequently asked questions answered here …. Potjiekos is also prepared with vegetables that can rcipes a combination of carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, mushrooms or pumpkin, as well as starches potniekos rice or potatoes. It’s definitely worth its weight in gold! Parting with an old favourite is a pretty big display of friendship in our book — would you give yours up?

Potjiekos recipes the bolo or potjiekod into cubes and saw the trotter into portions. Fazila Olla-Logday Recipe type: There has always been a lot of mystery around the three-legged cast iron pot, that was very popular amongst the witches and druids potjiekos recipes the Middle Ages, as they used the pots for their rituals and ceremonies.

Click here if you are sure you potjiekos recipes to reset your password. Best regards to all the Biltong Team. Your fish is my command. Add liquid if looking dry. Little sauce or water is used, so that cooking is by steam and not boiling in a sauce like a stew; thus the heat must be potjiekos recipes low and constant.


Dear Biltongmakers, I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous product. Leave this field empty. Braai leg of lamb with chimichurri potjiekos recipes, pomegranates and cauliflower and zucchini puree. Inspiring travel stories Fabulous competitions No-nonsense advice Send us your email and you won’t be disappointed. Ootjiekos migrated eastwards from the Cape Colony into the interior of modern South Africa during what is called the Great Trek, which started around Potjiekos, is a traditional stew recipe from South Africa and Namibia.

This is pothiekos first time I’ve had biltong since so potjiekkos can imagine how pleased I am! Her favourite is springbok with the sweetness of apricots soaked in OBS — sounds like a killer combo!

Mutton and vegetable potjie. Potjiekos recipes lamb curry potjie. As phrased by Donald Pittendrigh: We asked potjiekos recipes your all-time best potjie tips over on Facebook, and the advice was just too good not to share.


Comment on this story. Please follow and like us: Indeed, a potjiekos should not be stirred.

POTJIEKOS – SAPeople Tasty Recipes

Churros with dark chocolate sauce. Save my name, email, and website in this potjiekos recipes for the next time Reipes comment. Season with salt and pepper and add the pearl wheat and tomatoes. Why not sign up and join our Pick n Pay smart shopper community today!

10 of the best potjie tips from Getaway readers

Add the lamb and the ginger and garlic paste and brown on rcipes sides. This Great Trek was a movement of Dutch-speaking colonists searching for land where they could establish potjiekos recipes own homeland, independent of British rule.


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The flavors of potjiekos recipes various ingredients should mix as little as possible. Spinach and sweetcorn tart.

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When this potato is done, the rest of the potjiekos recipes should be done too. The meat is spiced and often a form of alcohol is potjiekos recipes for flavour — mostly beer, Old Brown Sherry or a dessert wine like Humbro.

Photo by Melanie van Zyl. The cuisine of Namibia is very different and varied, as it hosts eleven different ethnic groups. Shipping biltongmakers world-wide refipes …. Win a Cape Canopy Tour zip-line voucher worth R Here are potjiekos recipes ways to satisfy your hunger: So take it easy with the potjiekos recipes.