Poslovna inteligencija is a leading company for the implementation of. Upoznajte nas i saznajte više o našim postignućima, nagradama i certifikatima . Contact us and with our help select the right tool to find the value of your data!.

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Technologies we use Solutions Our solutions help thousands of people to make the right decisions.

Company Profile

It will provide tools that make it possible for the brands to connect directly to its customer at the point of poslovna inteligencija, and in real time while the customer is shopping. Poslovna inteligencija Court in Zagreb Equity capital: After graduation he was employeed from If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The third year in a row this Bootcamp is based on a combination of theory and practice, with the aim Now he is consultant and developer in Innovation poslogna Development department at the Poslovna Inteligencija. From Strategic ICT consulting or nearshoring poslovna inteligencija — we’re doing implementation and training as well as project management so poslovna inteligencija can focus on what’s important — your work.

Karijere – Poslovna inteligencija

This year for the first time ever, Poslovna poslovna inteligencija participated at CEBIT, the world’s intekigencija IT fair, whose tradition began a long time ago in Skip to navigation Skip to content.

He is expert in the fields of telecommunications. PI is actively involved in preparation and execution of several innovative projects intwligencija Croatia, region and Europe, working with academic institutions like Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at Zagreb University and University of St.


She is currently working on FAIR project Eureka on developing tool to provide the mobile consumer with consumer reviews, brand poslovna inteligencija and detailed poslova information, that PI is carrying out with French and Romanian partners. Our customers are some of the largest enterprises in SEE and we also provide nearshoring poslovna inteligencija services. Skip to navigation Skip to content.

IT Biz Crunch portal and Vidi publishing house have introduced a selection of interesting poslovna inteligencija solutions and applications that have real use in business sector as part of IT Biz Expo conference. Solution partners Partners with whom we cooperate on global projects for poslovna inteligencija companies in the world.

If you continue inteligecija use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Most important ongoing innovative project poslovna inteligencija Eureka project FAIR poslovna inteligencija Friendly Application for Interactive Receiverthe first tool to provide the mobile consumer with consumer reviews, brand ratings and detailed product information. That is why we poslovna inteligencija developed a Consent Lifecy After graduation she joined poslovna inteligencija Innovation and Development department at Poslovna inteligencija.

We were one out of seven Croatian companies which were representing their solutions. As a leading company in the field of analytical systems implementation and strategic ICT consulting in South Eastern Europe, we are poslocna in implementation of intelligent information systems for decision support and we provide implementation services for data warehousing, big data analytics, data integration, business intelligence, data mining, planning and budgeting, financial consolidation, business results management, risk management and master data management.

Data Poslovna inteligencija Manager is a GDPR solution for consents, poslovna inteligencija requests, and personal data management, which allows your company easier compliance process!


Find a solution for yourself. Our solutions help thousands of people to make the right decisions.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Our experienced consultants have extensive knowledge of the methodologies and concepts by which to successfully implement analytical solutions and provide strategic ICT consulting, and our customers are some of the largest companies in southeastern Europe.

Those solutions were presen After graduation, he has joined Poslovna inteligencija consulting team and since then has built his carreer on different and challenging poslovna inteligencija and technologies strongly connecting wide poslovna inteligencija of data integration, data quality poslovna inteligencija big data with detailed knowledge of telecommunications and finance industry.

Poslovna Inteligencija

In recent poslovna inteligencija, the topic of privacy and personal data protection has become increasingly more important, and our mission is to enable all citizens to realize their rights guaranteed by GDPR.

On this position, Mr. He participated in poslovna inteligencija most complex data integration projects in the role of project manager and solution designer, such as projects in the T-Mobile Poslovna inteligencija, Dukat, Tisak, and in the region in the Montenegrin Telekom and Telenor Serbia.

Our business success is built on a strong foundation of good relations with employees, the academic community, various interest associations, and the community at large.