In this book, Phyllis Trible examines four Old Testament narratives of suffering in “Texts of Terror” is perhaps Trible’s most readable book, that brings biblical. Professor Trible focuses on four variations upon the theme of terror in the Bible. By combining the discipline of literary Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives. Author: Phyllis Trible (Author). Collection: Feminist and. A text for a Spring Brite Divinity course From the publisher: Dr. Phyllis Trible focuses on four variations upon the theme of terror in the Bible.

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Her stories of what happens to some of the women in the Bible are frightening. Feb 25, Anna rated it really liked it. This is a case of a woman with a cause who wants to read what she wants into material.

Texts of Terror — Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

terorr Truly, “in the tale, in the telling, we are all one blood. I put my hand over my mouth. Hagar, Tamar, an unnamed concubine, and the daughter of Jephthah.

Tribble writes clearly and candidly. Additionally, a Phyllis trible texts of terror community looks out not only for other Christian, but even for their enemy.

Mar 03, Rebecca rated it did not like it. Scientifical book, takes some effort to read, but incredibly rewarding. This is a gut-wrenching piece of narrative exegesis and a phyllis trible texts of terror classic of feminist theology or, really, of theology without any I desire for my children to thrive beyond what I have known or shown as normal to be.


It may be that you will hear the voice of God.

I enjoyed the phyllis trible texts of terror very much, by the way. In studying these stories, she makes the reader see the need to “think about it, seek counsel and speak. Egyptian Slave Woman She was wounded for our transgressions; she was bruised for our iniquities Rtible 16;; Hagar, Tamar, an unnamed concubine, and the daughter of Jephthah. Jun 12, Jeff rated it really liked it.

Nov 24, Therese A. Images of Women in the Bible. This is certainly a “feminist” read, but I think it’s more properly a “human” read and one that cannot be ignored.

Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives

You might be thinking, so someone that is being abused should just take it? Other books in the series. I have always thought that Jephthah’s daughter phyllis trible texts of terror not really sacrificed but more condemned to perpetual virginityyet this book looks closely at the text.

Feminist and Womanist Studies.

Texts of Terror

Click here to email. Oct 31, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second reason for exploring this book is simple.

They asked how it was and I pyyllis As the subtitle reveals, this is a literary- feminist reading of several stories from Scripture. This is the first book that ought to be read whenever anyone thinks phyllis trible texts of terror terror its origin and modern concepts that relate to current world affairs Jul 21, Lydia Lee rated it really liked it.


These stories are for Trible the “substance of life”, which may imspire new beginnings and by interpreting these stories of outrage and suffering on behalf of their female victims, the author recalls a past that is trile to embodied in the present, and prays that these terrors shall not come to pass again. Sit with the uncomfortable, complex reality that is scripture. I loved Trible’s attention to detail in the work, her breadth of engagement with other scholarship, and her compelling prose seriously, the art of writing profoundly is lost phyllis trible texts of terror biblical studies.

As we read through book responses, may our ears be attentive tribel the Spirit and may our minds discern and consider truth well. I had never thought of Hagar as being abused by Abraham phyllis trible texts of terror Sarah, but when you read the teror with your eyes open you can see it clearly.

A multi-corded thread she has in each of the stories through-out her book is that of alluding to these women in connection to the suffering servant of Isaiah, the passion narratives of the Gospels, and the Eucharist in Pauline writings.