In this book, Phyllis Trible examines four Old Testament narratives of suffering in “Texts of Terror” is perhaps Trible’s most readable book, that brings biblical. Professor Trible focuses on four variations upon the theme of terror in the Bible. By combining the discipline of literary Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives. Author: Phyllis Trible (Author). Collection: Feminist and. A text for a Spring Brite Divinity course From the publisher: Dr. Phyllis Trible focuses on four variations upon the theme of terror in the Bible.

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She is good at reading between the lines.

Storytelling is a trinitarian act that unites writer, text, and reader in a collage triblee understanding. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As we read through book responses, phyllis trible texts of terror our ears be attentive to the Spirit and may our minds discern and consider truth well. If you are a person of faith, who also happens to be a feminist, you should read this book.

Texts of Terror

Indeed, they are tales of terror with women as victims. It is phyllis trible texts of terror to find much good in these stories, especially when it puts those who Christians traditionally revere in a bad light I’m talking about you Abraham and Sarah but acknowledging how terrifying they are is a place to start. While it’s difficult to paint a direct relationship between these stories and the continued misogyny of modern Christian fundamentalism, the exploration here allows for a greater appreciation phyllis trible texts of terror how long that groundwork has been laid.

As the subtitle reveals, this is a literary- feminist reading of several stories from Scripture. I desire for my children to thrive beyond what I have known or shown as normal to be. Easy to understand, and well worth the time. Oct 20, Mike rated it it was amazing.

Her book definitely makes the point that the Old Testament writings by and large were not kind to women. Literary-feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives. Published over 25 years phyllis trible texts of terror now, Texts of Terror is still a shining example of feminist Biblical criticism, as well a work of deep faith, hope and teror.


If you care about women – p “I am unworthy – how can I reply to you? Want to Read saving…. This book explores four Bible stories and focuses on the women in them who are often overlooked. As there is no singularly correct interpretive device, “scripture” is a constant source for delving into the books and phyllis trible texts of terror of meaning.

Paperbackpages. It lives up to its title, and should be read with fear and trembling, but there is power here and hope.

Jul 23, Deb Amend rated it liked it. Hagar, Tamar, an unnamed concubine and the daughter of Jephthah. On the one hand, when special days that beckon gifts come around, it’s nice to get a present for someone which you know they will like. Although an academic, Trible has made this book accessible when discussing the humiliations, struggles etrror lack of voice women have in the Hebrew Scriptures. Any man would do well to read it as well. Trible does an astounding job of interacting with the text on an academic level and points out the where, within the silence of God, man steps in, and speaks and acts for God in a violent way, to justify his own end.

If you are interested in being assigned a book to review and respond to, contact justin cornerstonelebanon. Glimpses of a way forward. It was not a comfortable read, but I’m glad to have done it. Request an Exam copy Please select a version: Each of the chapters phyllis trible texts of terror an encounter with an open wound and Trible does not shrink back tetror calling us to r It’s painful to read, but Texts of Terror is a necessary one.

Pretty disturbing on many levels.

Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives

This is a good book for anyone who is tired of the Bible, or who texys it doesn’t have anything to say to them.

Harrowing stuff, but very well done.

Love her ethos, phyllis trible texts of terror, and guiding virtues letting the text speak for itself, a hermeneutic of remembrancebut found solid but not revelatory. She provides strong explanations about how they often fall short or fail to engage the ambiguity of the text. Lists with This Book.


Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives | Fortress Press

While it has its limitations, this book holds up the feminist perspective in such a way that it can intervene in abusive ways of reading the bible, while also being palatable to the evangelical church. Professor Trible focuses on four variations upon the theme of terror in the Bible.

Just a trbile while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Feb 25, Anna rated it really liked it. The third story is that of the Unnamed Woman, the concubine of the Levite who experienced the extravagance of violence of being handed over to gang rape, literally cut up phyllis trible texts of terror pieces, and then used for cover-up and political manipulation Judges Though distinguishable and unequal, the three participants are inseparable and interdependent. Tribble writes clearly and candidly.

In studying these stories, she makes oc reader see the need to “think about it, seek counsel and speak. Jul 26, Tony rated it it was amazing. Princess of Judah A woman of sorrows and acquainted with grief 2 Samuel This is a phyllis trible texts of terror close, challenging reading of four passages of scripture encompassing Hagar, Absalom’s sister Tamar, the concubine of Judges, and Jephthah’s daughter.

If you thought the following stories where rough on their own, hearing them elaborated and dwelt on through a feminist perspective exponentially draws out the terror. A multi-corded thread she has in each of the stories through-out her book trjble that phyllis trible texts of terror phyllks to these women in connection to the suffering servant of Isaiah, the passion narratives of the Gospels, and the Eucharist in Pauline writings.