பெருமாள் திருமொழி | Perumal Thirumozhi (Tamil Commentary) is available for purchase in increments of 1. Reward Points Purchasing this. Perumal Thirumozhi Ullurai – Book in Tamil by Sri P B Annangarachariar Swami. silai sEr nudhaliyar VEL sEralar kon * engkal. kulasEkaran enRE KURU. maNakkAl nambi aruLich seydhadhu. Aram kedap paran anbar koLLAr enRu *.

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The one who felled the heads of Ravana of South Lanka!

Kulasekara PadiPerumal Thirumozhi. With the intention of serving the devotees of the Lord who has Lakshmi as His wife, the king of Koodal Madurai and the hero of Madurai — Kulasekara has composed this garland of Tamil verses.

This site uses cookies. Kulasekara AlwarPerumal ThirumozhiSrirangam.

Tears roll from the eyes of the devotees who hear the stories of the Lord who felled seven bulls to wed Nappinnai as Krishnawho used His tusks to save mother earth as Varahawho vanquished Ravana as Rama and who measured the three worlds as Trivikrama.

Peerless in the clan of Manu! Even before you could realize that I was your mother, I lost you!

I would like to be born as a crane that frolics in the Tiruvenkadam Tirupati temple pond of the the Lord who hold the Panchajanya conch. I bow my head in respect to those who worship with folded hands the Lord in Chitrakootam. After being used to sleeping on the finest of beds, when did you learn to sleep under the shadow of trees on a bed of rocks?


Both Ramayana and Mahabharata end tragically.

Perumal Thirumozhi | Divya Prabandham

The Saranga bow, the curved conch, the fiery discus, Nandaka sword and Garuda guard the loving God of Srirangam.

Thinking of the Lord, His devotees get goose tamio. Kulasekaran, the wielder of the sharp Vel, has composed these verses worshipping the Lord of the rain kissed hill of Tiruvenkadam. Wielder of the bow Saranga! DevakiKulasekara AlwarPerumal Thirumozhi.

Those who recite these verses tqmil find refuge in the feet of Narayana. Tags DasarathaKulasekara Alwar. Oh Lord of Thiru Vithuvakodu! Tuesday, November 6, Perumal Thirumozhi. You reside in Tirukannapuram where the Kaveri flows! You hold Brahma in your navel.


All that I want is to be a lowly shrub in the beautiful hill of Venkata. Oh Lord of Thiru Vithuvakodu who wields the shiny discus!

The snake — Adisesha is also referred to as Ananta, the endless one. My broad shouldered son! I know very well that there are so many cowherd lasses with fragrant tresses who long to embrace you.



Yashoda experiences the boundless joy of watching your hands plunge into the pots of curd, beating you with a cane stick when you become mischievous, watching your fearful expressions when you are caught with your hand in the pot of curd and when you beg her forgiveness. Kulasekara AlwarPerumal ThirumozhiVenkatam.

There comes a moment in life when we realize we are on the wrong path.

You slumber in Srirangam to provide refuge to all living beings! Thanks to their daughters, both Periyalwar and Kulasekara Alwar got a worthy son-in-law. Those who recite these verses will find refuge at the feet of Sriman Narayana. With your slender fingers you lerumal have stuffed the half-chewed food that you eat into my mouth! Yet, taken in by your deceitful words, I am waiting here in the banks of Yamuna, shivering in the morning mist, waiting for your arrival! Born to the renowned Kausalya!