Periyapuranam of Sekkizhar. Translated by Sri. The puranam of Kungkuliya-k- Kalaya Nayanar 2. Periya Puranam stories (in English with pictures) 3. Here is some portions from one of the precious literature called periya purANam. If one wants to know what is devotion, what will be the actions and state of. Periyapuranam narrates the story of sixty three saints who are better known as Nayanmargal. It is compiled as the 12th Thirumurai and also known.

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It was a stiff battle, but ultimately an uneven battle, for Lord Civan won, but not without heavy losses and many concessions. The country of origin of him whom the beautiful-eyed Lord — Who bears on His head the River Ganges, the moon and the snake, and the kondrcii flowers — enslaved periya puranam showing him a palm-leaf scroll is Thirumunaippaadi Naadu where dwell women with eyes like those of the red carp, and which dart on either side of their cool moon-like faces towards their ear-rings.

The Cera King entertained Sundarar in royal style and sent him on his way home with lavish presents in gold and kind. The Lord did not relent periya puranam when the eighth stanza of the periya puranam had been sung.

Sekkzhar ‘s Periya Puranam – Buy Sekkzhar ‘s Periya Puranam online – giri

Sri Santhoshi Matha-Poojaiyum Kathaiyum. Therefore, like Alalasundarar, they periya puranam were sent down to be born on earth to work out the praara- bdha vaa’Sana. When the chronicles of each of the saints will be dealt with further down in this book, this aspect of the lives of the saints will be highlighted.


Views Read Edit View history. All the people assembled there stood bewildered. This is the fourth characteristic periya puranam the saints whose lives are chronicled in the Periya-puranam. In the dawn of periya puranam era, He allowed His only Son to be crucified that man may be redeemed. Write Your Periya puranam Review Only registered users can write reviews. Aalalasundarar was in the stage of sameepa mukti — an anukkath- thondan, a close attendant of Lord Civan. If he received any- thing, he had to receive it from the hands of his Owner and not from anyone else.

Sekkizhar ‘s Periya Puranam

This is as good a place as anywhere else to dwell on the extra- ordinary literary craftsmanship of Sekkizhar. Description Additional Information Product Review s Details A Minister turned poet turned periya puranam Sekkizhar CE created the literary masterpiece cum devotional epic periya puranam Hindu religious history, aptly called Peria Puranam great epic.

Or Vinjayan, the celestial being, with a never-fading garland of flowers? The phrase must refer to Lord Nataraja abiding in Thillai. He went forward and asked: If it is true that I am Your slave, and You, periya puranam me, more than my mother, a good Companion and my Master, think of the despair of me who am now periya puranam of my wits, and go immediately this very night and put an end to the sulks of Paravaiyar. You too nmy go away! The Guru Tradition Rs Describing this all too short period of bliss, Periya puranam sings: Thaduththu-alkonda-puranam is the first of these four chronicles and comprises stanzas.


With his eyes monopolising to themselves the five great powers of perception — seeing, smelling, sensing, savouring, and hearing — with all the invaluable instruments of knowledge — mind, intellect, discrimination, and final appropriation of knowledge — all four periya puranam into discrimination, with the qualities three — thaamasam, raajasam, saativikam — now transformed into preiya alone.

Perhaps, he followed the profession of a carpenter as well. Though all three are called Malam-s or taints, it is Aanavam alone periya puranam holds back a soul from progressing towards Godhead and Mukti — release from the cycle perija deaths and births. He has ever and always solicitously taken care of Periya puranam devotees.

And they consorted with other devotees.

How did they periya puranam such a mukti”! What have you done to me before this damsel Periya puranam with a waist slender like a streak of lightning?

The second stage is Kriyai consisting in intimate service to God. O Lord, You intervened and enslaved me in time, preventing me from going down the shameful path by force of evil Karma ; to me. If today You periya puranam not effect my reunion with her of willowy waist, my life will depart.

He laundered clothes for his living. Works on Tuesday to Sundays Phone: The Canon brings together periya puranam ly20, verses, and themusings, meditations and affirma tions of twenty-six singer-saints.