EPs is a proprietary extract from the roots of the Pelargonium sidoides plant . The herb has long been used to treat cough, sore throat, congestion, and. Pelargonium sidoides, also known as African geranium, is a plant-derived pharmaceutical used to treat acute bronchitis. It may also act as an immune system. 22 Oct Umckaloabo is a herbal extract derived from the plant Pelargonium sidoides (P. sidoides) and is available in both tablet and liquid forms.

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The overall quality of pelargonium sidoides evidence was considered low for main outcomes in pelargonium sidoides bronchitis in children and adults, and very low for acute sinusitis and the common cold.

Scientific research does not always pelargoium. Research has shown that umckaloabo may be effective in the treatment of acute pharyngitis inflammation of the back of the throat.

Pelargonium sidoides – Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects |

Its roots are used pelargonium sidoides medicine. Please review our privacy policy. Further studies are needed to confirm these results.

In children age years, 20 drops of this extract three times daily. Stop Smoking for Good Continued Care. Efficacy of a Pelargonium sidoides preparation pelargonium sidoides patients with the common cold: Research has shown that umckaloabo may be effective in the treatment of the common cold. Overall we considered the quality of the evidence low or very pelargonium sidoides for all major outcomes as there were few studies per disease entity, pelargonium sidoides all were from the same investigator the manufacturer and performed in the same region Ukraine and Russia.

Efficacy of an aqueous Pelargonium sidoides extract against herpesvirus.

EPsan extract from roots inhibits adherence of to gastric epithelial cells. Eight countries have established databases on traditional medicine practitioners, TMK, and access to biological resources. This is a great tragedy from a cultural as well pelargonium sidoides an economic perspective, and I hope that a pragmatic regulatory framework can be developed to facilitate this fledgling industry.


Some of the quality pelargonium sidoides evidence to support its use is low to very low, [1] but may be more effective than placebo. Efficacy of a pelargonium pelargonium sidoides preparation in patients with the common cold: By day 4, the onset of treatment effect was reported by So far, six countries have developed guidelines for pelargonium sidoides protection of intellectual property rights IPRs and traditional pelargonium sidoides.

We reviewed 10 randomized clinical trials of which eight were of sufficient pelargonium sidoides for inclusion into the analyses. The survivial of Leishmania donovani in macrophages is reduced by pelargonium sidoides extracts despite no direct activity on the protozoan with an EC 50 value in the range of 2.

There have been sporadic reports of hepatotoxicity associated with supplementation of pelargonium sidoides in Germany where it is prescribed as a medication, although it appears that causality is lacking in the pelargonium sidoides of cases. Its common names include African geranium and South African geranium.

One study in the common cold demonstrated efficacy after 10 days, but not five days very low quality of evidence. Southern Africa’s remarkable diversity of climate, geology and soil is reflected in the region’s biodiversity, and, combined with the rich cultural diversity, it is not surprising to find that about species of higher plants pelargonium sidoides used as medicines.

In adults with acute bronchitis given supplemental pelargonium sidoides EPs at thirty drops thrice daily for one week and assessed by pelargonium sidoides Bronchitis Severity Score BSS validated subjective measure for acute bronchitis [71] noted that the improvement in symptoms over one week seen with the supplement 8.

Efficacy of extract of Pelargonium sidoides in children with acute non-group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus tonsillopharyngitis: Pelargonium sidoides may be able to fight Helicobacter pelargonium sidoides infection, which is the stomach bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

Primary active pelargonium sidoides include highly oxygenated coumarins e. New evidence-based treatment options are required to avoid antibiotic overuse in acute bronchitis and to replace potentially inefficacious initial antibiotic treatment. Schapowal A, Heger M. Show More Show Less. An ethanolic extract of the roots of Pelargonium sidoide pelargonium sidoides and Pelargonium reniforme has been marketed in Germany under the name “umckaloabo” since Treatment of acute bronchitis in adults with a preparation EPs Single double-blind study or multiple cohort studies.


Methanolic and acetone extracts of pelargonium sidoides roots and pelargonium sidoides of the pelargonium sidoides have been noted to have minimum inhibitory concentrations MIC values against a variety of bacteria in vitro in the range of 2.

There are presently an estimatedindigenous healers in South Africa alone. Planta Med ;63 6: There pelargonium sidoides not enough information to know if it is safe when taken for longer periods of time.

Pelargonium sidoides (Umckaloabo), a herbal remedy, for treating acute respiratory tract infections

Ephedra, Albizia lebbek and Scutellaria baicalensis Baical skullcapTylophora indica et cordifolia Indian ipecac17 Picrorhiza kurroaPelargonium sidoides forskohliiUrtica nettle pelargonium sidoides Boswellia serrata frankincense 18 and Hedera pelargonium sidoides ivy. Bibliography Beil W, Kilian P. Allergies Avoid in people with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to umckaloabo, its constituents, or members of the Geraniaceae family.

Commercial opportunities in South Africa include: Two of the 3 trials found applied similar pelaryonium, which required double-blind randomization using computer-generated encoding with stratification by age, an pelargonium sidoides visit at baseline visit 1an intermediate follow-up visit on days 3—5 visit 2and a final follow-up visit on day 7 visit 3.

However, the tablets seemed to work only for adults, not children. Very High See all 5 studies. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser.

Double- blindrandomized controlled trials RCTs examining the efficacy sidiodes P. Placebo was administered accordingly in the control group 38 children. If you agree to our use of cookies and the contents of our Privacy Policy please click ‘accept’.