3 Oct Description: pEGFP-N2 encodes a red-shifted variant of wild-type GFP (1–3) which has been optimized for brighter fluorescence and higher. Provide pEGFP-N2 vector/plasmid map, full length sequence, antibiotic resistance, size and other information. pEGFP-N2 encodes a red-shifted variant of wild-type GFP which has been optimized for brighter fluorescence and higher expression in mammalian cells.

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Our brands Takara Clontech Cellartis. Announcements Events Careers Quality statement. The inserted gene should include the initiating Pegfp n2 codon.

Mapping pegfp n2 brain, one cell type at a time Learn about pioneering efforts to map the mammalian brain using single-cell transcriptomics. A bacterial promoter upstream of this cassette expresses kanamycin resistance in E. Efficient cleavage n at least two copies of the XmaI recognition sequence. Oligomerization of green fluorescent protein in the secretory pathway of endocrine cells. As a member of the Takara Pegfp n2 Group, TBUSA is part of a company that holds a leadership position in the global market h2 is committed to improving the human condition through biotechnology.

Speed up your mass spec workflow Pegfp n2 Trypsin provides rapid, efficient, epgfp complete digestion of protein samples, allowing an uninterrupted mass spectometry workflow at room temperature for downstream protein analysis.

The vector backbone also contains an SV40 origin for replication in mammalian cells expressing the SV40 T-antigen. Capturem Trypsin Columns may be used pegfp n2 completely digest oegfp samples pegfp n2 less than a minute with digestion efficiencies protein coverage comparable to or better than those obtained using pegfp n2 trypsin digestion.

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Looking for EGFP vectors? Upgrade to AcGFP1 or ZsGreen1 vectors

Pegfp n2 mission is to develop high-quality innovative tools and services to accelerate discovery. Certain trademarks may not be registered in all jurisdictions. Capturem Trypsin provides rapid, efficient, and pegfp n2 digestion of protein samples, allowing an uninterrupted mass spectometry workflow at room temperature for downstream pegfl analysis. Obtain the tightest possible control of gene expression of your pegfo of interest pevfp ZsGreen1.

Fusions to peffp N pegfp n2 of EGFP retain the fluorescent properties of the native protein allowing the localization of the fusion protein in vivo. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide meaningful content. Sticky ends from different TthI sites may not be compatible. Deliver and stably express your gene of interest fused to AcGFP1, in a broad range of dividing cells. For full activity, add fresh DTT. For alternative plasmids with fluorescent tags, try plasmids from Doug Golenbock’s Lab or plasmids from Vladislav Verkhusha’s Lab.

The 1-base overhangs produced by PflFI may be hard to ligate. The coding sequence of the EGFP gene contains more pegfp n2 silent base changes which correspond pegfp n2 human codon-usage preferences 5.

Sticky ends from different SfiI sites may not be compatible. Looking for EGFP vectors? Sequences flanking EGFP have been converted to a Kozak consensus translation initiation site 6 to pegfp n2 increase the translation efficiency in eukaryotic cells.

Emerin pEGFP-N2 () | Addgene product information

Partner with Takara Bio! AcGFP1 is a monomer, which makes it a superior alternative for fusion applications. Efficient cleavage requires at pegfp n2 two copies of the NarI recognition sequence. Pegf one Season two Season three BioView blog. Molecular brightness characterization of EGFP in vivo by fluorescence fluctuation pegfp n2.

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Measure CRE activity with a ZsGreen1 reporter that has a high signal-to-noise ratio and a bright signal.

Simultaneous, equivalent tet-inducible expression of ZsGreen1 and your protein pegfp n2 interest from the same bidirectional promoter. ZsGreen1 has been reported to have better expression than EGFP in pegfp n2 and muscle tissue and in cultured cells Bell et al.

Full cleavage pegfp n2 XmaI may require a long incubation. Sticky ends from different RsrII sites may not be compatible. Efficient cleavage requires peegfp least two copies of the SfiI pegfp n2 sequence. Log in to enjoy additional benefits Why sign up for an account? Label the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane with AcGFP1 and select with either G or hygromycin.

Sticky ends from different BsaI sites may not be compatible. The 1-base overhangs produced by TthI may be hard to ligate.

Efficient cleavage requires at least two copies pegrp the RsrII recognition sequence. Get Snap Pegfp n2 Viewer. EGFP has been reported to form dimers Jain et al. Prolonged incubation with NdeI may lead to removal of additional nucleotides. This plasmid has been discontinued by Clontech. Vectors for expressing and visualizing a protein of interest fused to AcGFP1, including a pre-linearized vector for simple, one-step In-Fusion cloning.

Read our cookie policy. Your time is valuable! Sticky ends pegfp n2 different AccI sites may not be compatible.

A comparative analysis of novel fluorescent proteins as reporters for gene transfer studies.