This OSHA publication is not a standard or regulation, and it creates no new legal obligations. The . OSHA Publication , Concepts and Techniques. OSHA’s role is to assure the safety and health of America’s employees by setting and . OSHA Publication , Concepts and Techniques of Machine. Some of the safeguarding techniques are described in the OSHA publication, Concepts and Techniques of Machine Safeguarding, OSHA , copy enclosed .

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Power press brakes. | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Create no osha 3067 hazards: Generally speaking, minor servicing is osha 3067 to include those tasks involving operations that can be osha 3067 accomplished by employees and where extensive disassembly of equipment is not required.

Learn more about machine guarding and how to develop your own Machine Guarding Safety Program by using the following links as benchmarks:.

Machinery Maintenance and Oha Have maintenance workers received up-to-date instruction on the machines they service? This kind of safety training is necessary for new operators and maintenance or setup personnel, when 30667 new or altered safeguards are put in service, or when workers are assigned to a new machine or operation. This information is available to sensory impaired individuals osha 3067 request. The part was secured with a vise and placed on a magnetic table.

A protective glove which can become caught between rotating parts, or a respirator facepiece oshha hinders the wearer’s vision, for example, require alertness and continued attentiveness whenever they are used.

Concepts & Techniques of Machine Safeguarding – Checklist

Oxha possible, osha 3067 should be able to lubricate the machine without removing the safeguards. His left hand was amputated at the wrist. May require frequent maintenance or adjustment.

All power sources for machines are potential sources of danger. To keep apprised of such developments, you can consult OSHA’s website at osha 3067 Are the safeguards firmly secured and not easily removable?


Wrists are connected by cords and secured to a fixed anchor point which limit operator’s hands from reaching the point of operation at osha 3067 time. Interlock control circuitry may oshaa be used for all maintenance and servicing work.

Figure 38 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder. The operator had a problem with a hydraulic fluid leak and decided to deflect the liquid spray by installing osha 3067 temporary barrier while, at the same time, the helper decided to clean up the metal chips from the press area. Case History 1 While using an unguarded, foot-pedal-operated, full-revolution mechanical power press that osha 3067 trip collars osha 3067 wood stoves, an employee used his hands to feed and remove finished parts and scrap metal.

Injuries due to contact with rotating parts can be severe.

Operator may make device ineffective. Training Do operators and maintenance workers have the necessary training in how to use the safeguards and why? Could changes be osha 3067 on the machine to eliminate the point-of-operation hazard entirely? Any safeguard which impedes a worker from performing the job osha 3067 and comfortably might soon be overridden or disregarded. To prevent osha 3067 start-up of the conveyor, employers may adopt alternative control measures, such osah opening placing in the osah position local disconnects or control switches to prevent conveyor start-up.

These feed and stroke automatically lsha continuously. Case History 4 An operator was bending small parts using an ton unguided press brake. Osha 3067 hand slipped and hit the rotating abrasive wheel, amputating the tip of his left middle finger. These movements and hazards can cause severe damage should a body part come in contact.

Belt-conveyor drive mechanisms and conveying osha 3067 are hazardous as are the following belt-conveyor areas: Includes information on safety for woodworking machinery. Examples of dangerous cutting hazards.


Protective clothing is, of course, available for different parts of the body. Figure 42 Horizontal Surface Cutter. Minor servicing can include, among other things, osha 3067 such as clearing osha 3067 certain types of minor paper jams; minor cleaning; minor lubricating and minor adjusting operations; certain plate and blanket changing tasks; and, in some cases, paper webbing and 307 roll changing.

With both hands osha 3067 the blade, he inadvertently osah the free button with his knee. If there is more than one operator, are separate controls provided? Employers are responsible for providing a safe osha 3067 healthful workplace for their employees. The safeguard should ensure that no objects can fall into moving parts.

Such a failure could 367, among other things, explosions or flying objects. While he was checking the edge of the sample, the blade caught the tip of his glove, pulled his hand into the cutting area, and amputated his right ring finger and part of his middle finger.

After reaching over the steel strips, the coiled steel on the mandrel pulled his right arm into the machine and amputated it. This mechanical power press action osha 3067 crushed the helper’s head because his head was osha 3067 the dies while he was in the process of cleaning up the metal chips. This manual describes the various hazards of mechanical motion and presents some techniques for protecting workers from these hazards. Citations can only be based on standards, regulations, and the General Duty Clause.