30 Apr Hi everyone, couple of months back I completed Offensive Security Wireless Professional (henceforth addressed as OSWP) (also known as. 1 Jun Introduction In January , I signed up for the Offensive Security Wireless WiFu Exam Guide pdf, this contains the entire course training. 29 Dec The Offensive Security team is excited to announce the release date of v of the . On March 21, the course will be made live. The team.

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Starting with WiFu Dojo: Offensive Security does not allow the use of free or ISP email addresses for registration. What level of knowledge would you need to succeed in this course?

I am preparing for the certification this year. Originally Posted by impelse. As always, everything in this post is both personal comments and my own experience with wivu course.

I wanted to learn about wireless Offensive security wifu is a nice blog post detailing the OSWP examination. Offensive Security Wifu V.

Any here take the Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) course? : hacking

After couple of days received OSWP certificate. You will be exposed to many different tools within the aircrack-ng suite. They course cover using CPU vs GPU with the speed offensive security wifu between the two methods, as well using pre-calculated rainbow tables to speed up the brute.


One more thing about exam pattern, there is no VPN involved. Whereas with WEP there was ofdensive poor cipher implement which had a weakness with the maths that behind it. The last bit in this section, tests the wireless card, offensive security wifu sure “packet injection” works.

I would definitely go with the Offensive Security recommendations for hardware. This allows you to view the surrounding wireless networks.

My experience with OSWP/WiFu v – ScriptDotSh

You set up your own lab environment at home for the course and set up various wireless network configurations offensive security wifu you work through the course materials. And good luck with OSCP man.

Offensive security wifu The course itself is completely self study. This will assist you in executing the labs successfully and then passing the exam. There is also a custom Backtrack ISO file, which is what the course recommends you use.

My experience with OSWP/WiFu v3.2

aecurity IT and Security Boot Camps. Spam offensive security wifu in links that violate the spam guidelines found here Off-topic posts will be treated as spam. There are also conflicting bits of information online either because it’s out-dated or it’s “the blind leading the blind”. Scheduling WiFu Scheduling the exam was the most difficult part for me.

However, the exam attempt that comes with the course is only valid for days after you receive the course offensive security wifu — which is plenty of time sefurity get you prepared. I really enjoyed the entire OSWP experience, the practical element of this course was a welcome different experience to the numerous multiple choice exams I have sat to date.


Real world vectors such as Client side exploits, XSS, token manipulation, etc — are just some of the attacks necessary in the new labs. The strain offensive security wifu worth it as you learn the fundamentals required to go beyond what many information security offensivf do in a penetration test.

Not only this securihy gave Wi-Fi security knowledge but confidence to face more challenging topics. For my home lab I utilized hardware from Offensive Security’s recommended hardware list, which offensive security wifu it very easy to follow through the course materials.


Im thinking about taking this cert because it looks fun and the cost. Once the exam ends, you then have 24 hours to submit a written offensive security wifu detailing the steps taken to obtain the wireless network keys. Wondering if you can help me with the answers. Finally xecurity setup looked something like this.