NORSOK standard M Edition 5, October NORSOK standard Page 3 of Foreword 5. Introduction 5 1 Scope 6 2 Normative and informative. M Rev Dec. This NORSOK standard is developed by NTS with broad industry participation. Please note that whilst every effort has been made to . NORSOK M Structural steel fabrication. standard by NORSOK, 10/01/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Available.

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Where steel items shall be hot dip galvanised, hollow sections shall be nosok. The tube ends shall be perpendicular to the longitudinal norsok m 101 within the following tolerances: The intention of this annex is to give dimensional tolerances which will ascertain that: Welding – Norsok m 101 for welding of metallic materials, relevant parts.

Plan for fabrication and erection including methods, techniques and dimensional control to assure that all structures can be fabricated and assembled to dimensions within the specified tolerances.

Standard: NORSOK – M-101

Local straightness shall be checked on the inside or outside of tubulars with a nominal external diameter greater than mm or with a nominal external diameter to nominal wall thickness ratio greater than For components to be assembled, built under significantly different temperature conditions, dimensions shall be computed to the reference temperature and this shall be annotated on any subsequently produced document norsok m 101 report.

Test assemblies may be given hydrogen diffusion treatment prior to testing, and specimens may be precompressed. CTOD testing shall be included norsok m 101 the qualification of welding procedures for weldments with a plate thickness below and norsok m 101 50 mm if requested by the designer for the specified steel quality level.


Removal of defects shall be verified by local visual inspection, aided by applicable NDT methods. Latest issue of the references shall be used unless otherwise agreed.

Norsok m ed 5 , Oct _百度文库

Footings deviation from elevation reference 1 6. Type of deviation Length E. A real or imaginary line that is equidistant from the surface or sides of the measured object. Hydrogen testing norsok m 101 be according to ISO or equivalent.

Structural steel fabrication |

Buttering shall be carried out in norsko with a relevant WPAR. Grinding marks should run at right angels to weld axis and under no circumstances parallel norsok m 101 it. B tolerance references Fig. Centre Line L Buckling of plates 5.

Type of defect shall be decided by: Unless otherwise noted, the tubular norsok m 101 be delivered within following tolerances: Three 3 valid test specimens shall be obtained for each notch location. Reference lines are marked lines on construction parts and assemblies.

Minimum one test norsok m 101 is required from each applied welding process. The numerical value should be the same for all disciplines and packages. A transfer correction between the reference block and the test surface shall be performed. The minimum average value is given in the table. NTS is responsible for norsok m 101 administration and nnorsok of this standard. DAC reference curves shall be established.


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norsok m 101 Welding – Visual examination of fusion welded joints. Max norsok m 101 2t, Max length 4t, max 50 mm norsik mm Surface defects are not acceptable except: If elongated defects are situated on line and the distance between them is less than the length of the longest indication, the defects shall be evaluated as one continuous defect.

For information also typical weld metal analysis, using a relevant shielding gas or flux. The grid system is normally denoted in one of the following manners: B, containing as a minimum norsokk specific tested chemical composition of the wire or weld metal, as applicable.

Temporary attachments shall be cut minimum 3 mm from the norsok m 101 metal and ground. Execution of steel structures – Part 1: These will, in case take presedence over this annex.

If an approval testing have been performed at both a norwok and a low heat input level with all specified mechanical testingthen norsok m 101 intermediate heat inputs are also qualified. Special tools with adjusted curvature shall be prepared in accordance with weld geometry. Reference specimens shall be prepared for comparison between ground and final peened surfaces.

Permanent norsok m 101 stations shall be properly constructed and be protected from disturbance.