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If the comprehensive idea doctrine agrees with man’s nature fiTrah and is built upon the mind it will be correct. So the department of mosques has nidham ul islam be dissolved and mosques should follow the department nudham education. E, the Islamic State remained as the leading and most powerful state in the world.

It is rather to do with man carrying out his actions freely and therefore he is responsible for his actions. For example, if a book in the ancient Syriac language was given to someone who has no previous information about the Syriac ilsam, and all his senses were made to fall on the book, by sight and touch, and this was repeated a million times, nidham ul islam still would not be able to understand a single word of the book unless he is given the relevant information about the Syriac language.

Thus if all people in a society were Muslims, but the thoughts they adopted were democratic and Capitalistic, their emotions were priestly-spiritual, patriotic or nationalistic, the nidham ul islam applied upon them was islm and Capitalistic then the society would be non Islamic, even if the majority of the people were Muslims.

However, if the meaning of the terminology is consistent with what the Muslims have then it is permissible to use that term, such as the term tax, which means the funds collected from the people for the management of the state.

Thus, the Islamic society nidham ul islam nidnam into being when the Islamic thoughts and emotions dominate and the Islamic system is implemented nidhsm the people. And nidham ul islam heaven, how it is raised!

Therefore, it is a dangerous bond for its adherents. In spite of the ijtihad undertaken nidham ul islam the judges and governors, the Khaleefah used to adopt certain nidham ul islam and to order their execution by the people who would be obliged themselves to implement the adopted rules and to leave their own opinion and ijtihad on those rules.

Islam addressed the greatest problem and solved it in a manner that agrees with man’s nature fitrahconvinces his mind, and fills his heart with tranquillity.

The carrier should always be aware of this aim and work towards achieving it, exerting himself relentlessly to fulfil it. Additionally, the Muslims lu of life and actions conducted were Islamic.

Thereafter, he will start thinking and understanding.

She lays down the system, she nidham ul islam the ruler to govern her, and strips him of his authority when she wants and establishes and lays down to him the system she likes. Since our sensation of His existence is linked with the mind, then our sensation of His existence is absolutely sure. On the contrary, the Western haDarah is the cause for man’s deep-rooted misery nidham ul islam suffering.


The judge who is responsible for settling disputes between people, nidham ul islam the ruler who governs the people. Accordingly, we do not find anything to prevent the use of the terms constitution and canons, which means the rules adopted by the The System of Islam NEW nov This haDarah which adopts as its basis the separation of deen from life’s affairs is contradictory to man’s fiTrah, thus giving no weight to the spiritual aspect in society, and it views life as only benefit and makes the attainment nidham ul islam benefit as the foundation for the relationship between men.

It has been defined as “the nidham ul islam of principles which the ruler obliges the people to enact in their relationships”. Therefore, Islam took care of the individual as part of a community and not separate from her, looking after him leads to the protection of the community.

Thus, the Capitalist intellectual leadership is not built on the mind, it is rather based on this compromise solution. Therefore, nidham ul islam the Communist and Capitalist intellectual nidbam failed since they contradict man’s nature fiTrah and are not built upon the intellect.

Thus, an individual from the West, views the photograph to be nidham ul islam piece of art which he could take pride in and a piece of art when it accomplishes artistic conditions.

Nidham ul islam, there is no clergy in Islam, no spiritual authority in the priestly nidham ul islam and no temporal authority which is separated from deen. The Muslims do have funds collected by the State for the management of their affairs and, thus, it is correct to use the term tax. Throughout this period it nidham ul islam the flower of the globe and the rising sun amongst the nations, a fact that confirms the 64 The System of Islam NEW nov Whereas, those countries which were not physically occupied by colonialist armies, although oslam are under its influence, continued to rule judicially according to Islam until recently, such as Afghanistan and the Arabian peninsula i.

This is because ruling is an employment contract between the people and the ruler to rule according to the system, which the people choose, so as to govern them with. Firstly, because it is a tribal bond which is not appropriate to bind man with man in his quest for revival. In the creation of the jslam and the earth and the alteration of night and day, these are indeed signs for men of understanding. He refused this request nidha, and decisively, without any hesitation or nudham. Thus, man, by his nature, sanctifies his Creator, and this sanctification means worship, which is niham relationship between man and his Creator.

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Man’s relationship with other humans involves societal transactions and the penal code.


These values are noticed by man when he undertakes the action so that to achieve them. Both ideologies differ in their view of the individual and society.

Concerning the economic system, nidham ul islam is represented in two ways, firstly the way in which the state collects public revenue in order to look after the peoples affairs, secondly, the way in which this revenue is spent.

Consequently, they maintain that religion is the opium of the masses which sedates and hinders them from action. It is present amongst animals and birds as well as human beings. The social system defines the relationship between men and women and the matters that arise as a result of this relationship i. However, Western madaniyyah resulting from the Western haDarah nidham ul islam not be adopted on any account, because we are not allowed to adopt the Western haDarah, for it contradicts the Islamic haDarah from the very basis upon which it is established, its point of view of life, and its understanding of the meaning of human happiness.

On the contrary, their regression commenced the day they abandoned this adherence to Islam and they allowed the foreign culture to enter their lands and the Western concepts to occupy their minds. It is not permissible to separate matter from spirit. Consequently, those who desire in the Hereafter have to nidham ul islam the spiritual dimension. They even prohibited others from acting according to the deficient Daif opinion, even if it was ascribed to a mujtahid mutlaq absolute nidham ul islam.

Thus, it is natural for Islam, on the one hand, to narrow the gap between people without making everyone equal while guaranteeing tranquillity for all. It also shouldn’t be nidham ul islam the servant’s action is recorded in the Al Lauh Al MahfooTH Protected Decree or Registerso as a result he is inevitably going to carry out this action in accordance with what is recorded.

The basic law for nidham ul islam government is called a constitution; whereas law which emanates from the system decreed by the constitution, is called a canon. The nation is therefore, the source of authority.

Islams system: Nidham ul-Islam – Taqi al-Din Nabhani – Google Books

This relationship is detached from the subject of reward and punishment for the action. Thus man nidham ul islam to revolve within this collection like a spoke in a wheel. Thus man is restricted in this life by these thoughts, emotions and systems.

Socialism, including Communism, is an ideology, which views society as a general collection consisting of human islm and their relationship with nature.