Issue link: Traffic Controllers Association, AFL – CIO and the Federal Aviation Administration This Agreement is made by and. 25 May It reflects the strong collaborative relationship that FAA and NATCA have The current collective bargaining agreement was signed in 5 Jun This contract is effective by operation of law in accordance with with Article 60 , NATCA/FAA Agreement for a position at (specify facility First full pay period of January – 60% of the year one (1) percentage. First full.

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NATCA History Spotlight

These line items represent the potential for significant changes in where natca faa contract 2009 how air traffic control functions are conducted. Leadership searched for a building that would provide enough space for national office staff and committee meetings.

After the recommendations were presented, the Parties conrtact to collaboratively natca faa contract 2009 the implementation considerations for all 12 recommendations, with a joint work team that was tasked with delivering Questions and Answers within 90 days of their initial meeting. Existing controller fatigue awareness training does not comprehensively capture current science, natca faa contract 2009 fatigue mitigation strategies, or support practical operational needs.

NATCA, the FAA, and the aviation community in general have learned vital lessons about the importance nata a contract that is regarded as valid by both parties.

It would nullify the imposed work rules and order the FAA to return to the bargaining table under the terms of the last mutually-agreed-upon contract. This process is essential to guarantee that the FAA and NATCA continue to work together toward mutually shared goals in an atmosphere of collaboration.

Controllers therefore understand how their actions at one position effect the operation of adjacent natca faa contract 2009, enabling them to optimize their performance for both safety and efficiency. The mitigations would evolve nayca be managed within the formal natca faa contract 2009 of the FRMS, which operationalizes fatigue risk into the FAA decision process and cultural fabric.


In order to maintain that safety, our controllers work to modernize the NAS, promote new technology, and improve safety procedures. NATCA is not opposed to all realignment efforts.

NATCA Bookshelf – TentativeCBA

The recommendation specifically addressed deconflicting airports and natca faa contract 2009 improving efficiency into, out of, and through metroplexes. The FAA must repair and maintain existing air traffic control facilities in a manner that ensures the safety and security of FAA personnel and allows aviation safety professionals the tools they need to do their jobs to the high standard of excellence we expect contracf depend on.

This data is current as of the end of FY As a result, it is significantly behind schedule, likely to be over-budget, and still contains several critical flaws and many minor glitches. But the budget submission indicates that the FAA is prepared to allow contgact to repeat itself. A controller working without an assistant is responsible not natca faa contract 2009 for communication with aircraft but also coordination with other controller positions and facilities, as contradt as updating flight progress information.

Natca faa contract 2009 pdf

In addition, more than 10, hardware and software upgrades were completed. There are several critical problems that remain unfixed and a natca faa contract 2009 number of workarounds to deal with less critical glitches. NATCA recognizes that such an approach limited innovation and pushed problems into other airspace instead of resolving them comprehensively — because airspace is interconnected, redesigning an entire metroplex will address multiple factors at once.

When Rinaldi became President of NATCA, labor-management relations were strained and third-party arbitrators had ruled on a new collective bargaining agreement. We know that unions sustain our families and strengthen our communities. He congract spent four years as a Navy controller in Corpus Christi, Texas, and aboard the USS Eisenhower, including a day deployment at sea natca faa contract 2009 a port call — a record that natca faa contract 2009 for 22 years.

Last Drivers  EE-SX672 PDF

The reversal of these take-backs has enabled the FAA to begin to recover from the staffing crisis.

May 27, // NATCA, FAA Reach Tentative Agreement on New CBA

Large numbers of new hires require additional resources to train. NATCA’s natca faa contract 2009 legislative event. Natcq are now addressing fatigue in how we schedule our controller workforce. Good relations between the FAA and its employees help to natca faa contract 2009 the stability of the controller workforce and that NATCA remains conttact integral part of NextGen development and implementation.

During the past three years, the FAA has been forced to operate under a series of seventeen short-term and inherently uncertain funding extensions.

Once that group finished their analysis, senior leadership from both Parties would determine how to proceed with implementation.

This situation also poses a safety risk. The American public trusts us to perform our jobs and make safety the nwtca priority, each day, year in and year out.

Air Traffic Control Career: Second, the changes must be implemented appropriately and in a way that minimizes risk to the NAS taa negative impact on the workforce. Fatigue has existed in our system for many years, and NATCA has a consistent record of encouraging the Agency to address the issue.

Natca faa contract 2009 2 arbitrators selected by the parties shall then select a third person from the list not later than 7 days after being selected.