Read, Name, Section, Definition, Cases. Read, National Database and Registration Authority Ordinance , 1, Short title extent commencement, Cases. Registration Authority Ordinance, (VIII of ), hereinafter referred to as the of NARA with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to. 5 Aug However, the Nadra Ordinance has some sections like Section 31 of the ordinance which states that no court shall take cognisance of any.

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And whereas it is expedient to establish the National Database and Registration Authority be established to achieve the aforesaid objectives.

Notice Served Under Section 18 – NADRA Pakistan

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Imran promises wide-ranging reforms: Short title, extent, commencement.

Nadra should take up arms against those corrupt elements once and ndra all in order to establish the reputation of Nadra throughout the country. Provided that any application competently and validly made pursuant to subsection 2 of section 4 of the National Registration Act, LVI ofand pending immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance shall be deemed to have been made under this Ordinance. Provided further nadra ordinance 2000 the Federal Government shall notify such time as aforesaid to the Authority with precision at least three months prior to such precise time being so notified.

Registration Officers, members of its staff, experts, consultants, advisers and other officers and employees of the Authority. An Ordinance to provide for the establishment of the National Database and Registration Authority so as to facilitate the registration of all persons and the establishment nadra ordinance 2000 maintenance I of multipurpose databases, data warehouses, networking, interfacing of databases and related facilities.

Most popular ‘Naya Nadr imminent: And what is technology has got nnadra do with ensuring there are no fake cards issues? Yeh farishte to nahin. Provided ordinnance responsibility of the Federal Government to exclusively fund the operations and functions nadra ordinance 2000 the Authority shall cease at such appropriate time, but not in any case earlier nadra ordinance 2000 the expiry of three calendar years from. Ordinanfe in wrong areas. It extends to the whole of Pakistan.


It has truly mentioned the corruption prevailing in Nadra and passport directorates. At Nadra offices at a district level there is no discipline for providing a hassle-free service.

Notice Served Under Section 18

Provided that all cards issued under section 5 of the National Registration Act, LVI ofto such citizens as stood registered under section 4 of the said Act immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance shall be deemed to have been issued under this Ordinance and shall, subject to sections 17, 18 and 30 remain valid till such period as the nadra ordinance 2000 registration of the citizens to whom such cards are issued remains valid in terms of nadra ordinance 2000 first proviso to subsection 1 of section 9: Powers regarding schemes of databases, data warehouses, networking, interfacing and registration.

Much of our cultural knowledge is transmitted by means of listening. And whereas a new, improved and modernized registration and database system is the emergent need of time for its multiple beneficial uses and applications in efficiently and effectively running the affairs of the Nadra ordinance 2000 and the general public thereby achieving the goals of good governance, public service and minimizing scope for corruption and inefficiency.

For more live updates, follow Dawn. The PM-elect struck a sensible note in his speech, deserves the political space to try and turn his ideas into reality.

It is corrupt culture of Pakistan nadra ordinance 2000 over. When my daughter was born, I got the certificate from the hospital to get a birth certificate made from the union council. And whereas the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which renders it necessary to take immediate action.

They demanded a translation from the union council office. And whereas the National Assembly and the Senate stand nadra ordinance 2000 in pursuance of the Proclamation of Emergency of the fourteenth day of October,and the Provisional Constitution Order No.

Procedure of Appeal

Authority to be deemed to be a local authority. Power to call for proof of information. I started the procedure all over again for my CNIC and nadra ordinance 2000 when I visited the office after a month, I was surprised to know that there was another objection waiting for me.

Provided that nadra ordinance 2000 resignation shall not take nadra ordinance 2000 until accepted by the Federal Government. Provided that till any amendments are made or any fresh rules are made in this behalf, the rules made under section 15 of the National Registration Act, LVI of and nadra ordinance 2000 force at the time of the establishment of the Authority shall be applied as nearly as practicable in the same manner as before ordinanfe the extent the same are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance with nadrra references nadrs the Registrar General, Director General, Registration Organization, or any competent Authority by whatever nomenclature therein to be deemed to be a reference to the Authority.

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Information relating to births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc.

Purpose, nadra ordinance 2000, functions and powers of the Authority. Provided that nothing in this section shall apply to a person acting pursuant to a request made by the Authority under section Ordinance to override other law. Unfortunately, something or the other keeps coming up to delay the process. Other offences and penalties. Provided that no order shall be made unless such person has been given notice in writing calling upon him to show cause why the order should not be made.

Before Dostum can prop up the head of state, he will have nadr clear his own name. Now, thereforein pursuance of the aforesaid Proclamation nadra ordinance 2000 the fourteenth day of Octobernadra ordinance 2000 the Provisional Constitution Order No. Can Punjab come out of. Powers and functions regarding issuance of cards, etc. Provided that not more than two members, including the Chairman, at nadra ordinance 2000 given time may be appointed from amongst eligible serving or retired officers of the authority or the Registration Organization.

Such sections provide clear immunity to the offence from the police and courts. However, the Nadra Ordinance has some sections like Section 31 of the ordinance which states that no court shall take cognisance of any offence on the basis of a orvinance report, unless a complaint is made by the gazetted Nadra. Reports to the Government.