Diseqc motors offer a cheap and convenient method for tracking the Clarke Belt USALS (aka GotoX or Diseqc ) allows you to quickly and accurately align. Please watch the video above then follow the following steps carefully to get your motorized system installed quickly. If you have any questions, visit our forums. Home Diseqc diseqc dish installation elevation angle H-H mount motor install motorized system installation site satellite signal Tv sat Usals How to Install .

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It motor installation with usals very important to make sure the HH motor is fixed to a perfectly vertical plumb mast Picture 1. Sadoun HH Motor Forums. Slightly loosen the witg fittings – this will enable you to just rotate the mofor about the pole. As a general rule you want to find the closest satellite to your longitude, which will always be the highest satellite in the sky and gives you a better chance of tracking the arc, in my case I chose Thor 1W If you were in Dublin say, you would be better with Atlantic Bird at 5W.

New products are always being developed to help people disguise their satellite installations. Navigation Home – Free-to-air Television Information. Dish assembly is quite straight forward. I am stuck at finding Thor1 west. Motor installation with usals the adjusted declination angle. Following the instructions found here you should be able to have a fully working system within hours.

Do not change the motor motor installation with usals. The lower the number the better the picture quality will be. How to Install and Align a Diseqc Motor. Most diseqc motors use a special adjusted declination angle formula based on the tilt of the rotating motor shaft which will again be specified in your manual.

Hi guys, Managed to get the arc sorted.

The brackets should be approximately 1m apart. Thanks for your help so far guys Non-dish setup intsallation motor installation with usals to separate post in cards and programmers section.


Take the dish up the ladder and bolt it onto the pole installatjon sure the dish will not be obstructed by anything. In that hsals, use the same procedure as above, but with the France 2 transponderV, as your reference. This new standard provides that the models HH and HH implements a sound system in order to help in pointing the satellite.

Now, tighten the H-H mount on the supporting pole. Metal dishes can be sprayed with car paint to help them blend mootor the surroundings or you may want to moyor a transparent satellite dish motor installation with usals of polycarbonates which for installations near the seaside are brilliant as they do not rust.

Time spent measuring this motor installation with usals will save you hours later on. You must log in or register to reply here. The motor installation with usals of our site is mainly focused on satellite TV tutorials, satellite reception, mobile devices, social networks, and all technology related news. Messages Likes 0 My Satellite Setup triax 1.

For example, Athlone, with latitude of 53 degrees, will require a declination angle of approximately 7 degrees. Select your installation site carefully!!! We will use 5 satellites which are spread across the Clarke Belt.

Motor is not able to move back from farthest East or West towards the center. A map that shows the magnetic variation for your location is helpful but not essential as you can turn the dish manually and raise and lower the dish as long as the brackets installatjon loosened. Always use the latitude scale on motor installation with usals motor.

Start by setting dish elevation to calculated value. With the satellite meter still connected select a Western satellite and move the dish west. Messages 4 Likes 0. You will motor installation with usals strong bolts in order to get a good fixing. It is a calculation system processed by STABand given free to all manufacturers of sat receivers or PC cards, which enables the receiver to calculate the position of all satellites in orbit with a indtallation lower than 1 meter with reference to the place of installation.

Once you believe the motor has been properly aligned, it’s a good idea to confirm with a few tests. Set the motor and dish to the settings given in the motor manual and triple check everything as it’s far easier to work on the dish when it’s on ground level. Author Details Sat Udals is an online technology motor installation with usals, dedicated to providing interesting articles, tutorials, and news to our readers.



How to Install and Align a Diseqc Motor – Free-to-air Television Information

Inspect all connectors for any wires touching the center core causing a short. The middle of the dish clamp must be lined up with the centre line on the H-H Motor arm Picture 4. wifh

This angle must be equal to the latitude value of the installation site. The Moteck Digipower A would be my choice as it supports all of the above and can turn from 75E to 75W.

How to find motor installation with usals via using H-H Motor?

How to Install H-H Mount Motor?

Nistallation example, Athlone, which has a latitude of 53 degrees, will require an elevation angle of 36 degrees. Make sure that the pole where the motor is mounted on is plum at 90 degrees. As we are in the North and the satellites circle the equator we know that our dish has to have a clear view of the south. Well, by adding a motor to your system you will be able to receive satellite channels from several satellites instead from one only.

This line of motor installation with usals must be clear of any obstacle that might hinder the pursuit of a good signal. Satellite dishes can be thought of as motor installation with usals ugly devices installafion there are ways of disguising your dish.

A good meter for this purpose is the Digisat Pro satellite meter. Forums New posts Search forums. A Moteck SG, a common diseqc motor, uses the formula 30 — declination angle.