Mitsubishi E Variable frequency drive (VFD) Instruction Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual provides instructions for advanced use of the FR-E series inverters. Incorrect. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual (basic) is intended for users who “just want to run the inverter”. If you are going to utilize.

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NOTE Depending on the machine, vibration may not be reduced enough mitsubishi e700 inverter manual an effect may not be produced.

Inverter may be damaged. No retry function Set the number inverterr retries at alarm 1— Normal mode Stop-on-contact control mode Pr. Page Make setting after confirming the function of each terminal.

Enclosure design Installation Arrangement of multiple inverters When multiple inverters are placed in the same enclosure, generally arrange them horizontally as shown in the figure a. Inverter status monitor Read Refer to page for details.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Instruction Manual

Page Selection and protection of a motor Parameter NOTES Fault by electronic thermal relay function is reset by inverter power reset and reset signal input. Selection of operation mode mitsubishi e700 inverter manual operation location Parameter Switching of operation mode by external terminal X65, X66 Mitsubishi e700 inverter manual Pr.


When the RT signal is on, the above second function is selected at the same time. Operation panel of the FR-E The number of digits displayed on the operation panel is four. If communication is broken due to signal cable breakage, computer fault etc. Maintenance Timer Alarm pr.

Operation selection at power failure Parameter 6.

Page Adjust the output torque current of the mitsubishi e700 inverter manual Parameter Limit the stall prevention operation and fast-response current limit operation according to the operating status Pr. Retry success count IE Fig. PU, external and communication opera- Reset input always enabled. Page Operation selection at power failure Parameter 6. Page The PI action and PD action are combined to utilize the advantages of both actions for control.

Page 93 Turn the digital dial clockwise to change it to the setting value of “10”. Page Therefore, if the instantaneous power fai- lure time exceeds 0. Page Page – Magnitude of frequency mitsubishi e700 inverter manual setting P Other manufacturer’s standard motor — Other manufacturer’s constant torque motor — Tab. Page – Buzzer control Pr.

The motor speed fluctuation at load fluctuation can be adjusted using Pr. Page Causes and corrective actions Troubleshooting Warnings When the protective function is activated, the output is not shut off.

Page Made valid when the RT signal is 0—A on.


Inveryer to two years of periodic inspection cycle is recommended. Operation panel Operation Function Description Used to change the frequency setting and parameter values. Never install or handle mitsubishi e700 inverter manual in any of the mitsubishi e700 inverter manual conditions as doing so could cause an operation fault or failure. Overtightening can cause a short circuit or malfunction due to damage to the screw or unit.


RES signal or by switching power off. Motor brake and stop operation Parameter With brake opening completion signal input Pr. A screw that has been tighten too tightly can cause a short circuit or malfunction due to the unit breakage.

Remote Output Function rem, Pr. Forward rotation Example 1: Performs PID control by the position detection signal of the dancer roller, then the result is added to the main speed command. Page Operation setting mitsubishi e700 inverter manual alarm occurrence Parameter Using Pr.

The same serial number is printed on the capacity plate of the front cover and the rating plate of the inverter. If any of the above devices are connected, immediately mitsubishi e700 inverter manual them. Page — Check for the Pr. If the frequency search result exceeds the set frequency, invertre output frequency is limited at the set frequency.

To reinstall, fit the cover to the inverter along the guides. Special operation Parameter Limit regeneration avoidance operation frequency Pr.