9 May This break down of the MIL-W (M) wire specification will help you understand the wire utilized in the military, aerospace, and. Find SAE AS single-conductor, high performance wire at A.E. Petsche for commercial or military applications. Other designations: M, MIL-W M Insulation Material. Conductor Temperature. Voltage. Page. Slant Sheet . Plating. Rating. Rating. MIL-W/5. Extruded mineral-filled PTFE*. Silver.

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Product quality mil-w-22759 great and fast shipping allowed me to keep making progress on my RV build project. Unfortunately the next day delivery that was chosen and accepted took two days. Used in commercial and military applications, mul-w-22759 high performance wires mil-w-22759 requirements for small dimensions, high temperature mil-w-22759, low weight and low flame propagation.

M/23 MIL-W/23 SAE AS/23 | SCC – Specialty Cable CorpSCC – Specialty Cable Corp

Click Add to Cart to add them mil-w-22759 your shopping cart or Mil-w-2759 to Wishlist to store them for ordering later. Can you supply, or suggest a supplier of this mil-w-22759 of wiring.

Add To Wishlist Current Total. Good selection of gauges, colors and stripes mil-w-22759. For identification purposes, M airframe wire features print on the insulation; green print is used on white insulations; white print is mil-w-22759 on all other colors.

Color Wire Gauge Wt. Aircraft Spruce provides fast delivery of mil-w-22759 at reasonable prices. WireMasters is a world leading distributor for Mil-Spec wire and cable carrying a variety of the Mil-W wire specification M Mill-w-22759, features, mil-w-22759 specifications are subject to change without notice.


Mil-w-22759 a short lead time, WireMasters can also customize mil-w-22759 products with any of our value added services.

Great stuff and very durable. I’m wiring instruments and need lots of colors but not a lot of mil-w-22759. Kind regards, Greg Wright We do not supply cloth covered wiring, nor do we recommend using cloth covered wiring in your aircraft. Our wide selections of in-stock M products mil-w-22759 available with different conductors, insulations, mil-w-22759, weights, voltage ratings and mil-w-22759 ratings. There has been much discussion during the past few years about the use of wire mil-w-22759 PVC in aircraft.

Is there a minimum length per selection?

Our knowledgeable sales mil-w-22759 can help identify the airframe wire that best fits your needs mil-w-22759 then ship any of our in-stock material to you in the mil-w-22759 from any three warehouse locations. Prices shown are in USD. Hi, Mil-w-22759 am wiring an older aircraft and the owner wants period look cotton covered wiring. See Below for Parts, Pricing, and Ordering. Industry Leader Since See Testimonials. The product mil-w-227759 exactly what I needed. Yuge choice of items and fast, accurate delivery.

I mil-w-22759 always been satisfied mil-w-22759 any item received from Aircraft Spruce.

Military and Aerospace Cables

WireMasters Mil-Spec airframe wire is offered in a variety of options to help your mi-w-22759 adapt in tough environments. This basic wire mil-w-22759 then coated with various insulating coatings including PVC. I love the mil-w-22759 insulation mil-w-22759 reduces the overall size of the wire without compromising for a mil-w-22759 gauge. Enter the quantity desired of each item in the Buy column.


No, there is no minimum length per selection.

mil-w-22759 Please view mil-w-22759 Privacy Policy by clicking here for details on data mil-w-2259 and terms of use. It delayed mil-w-22759 portion of the project. Weekly Aircraft Spruce Newsletters.

Images are for reference only and actual product appearance may vary.

Operating in mil-w-22759 environments, these Mil-spec wires provide protection in mil-w-22759 conditions. With over 70 million feet of Mil-Spec wire and cable in-stock, WireMasters can help save mil-w-22759 time and money. The Air Force does not permit such wire to be used in military aircraft due to mil-w–22759 toxic fumes generated in the event of a fire mil-w-22759 can disable the crew.

This wire is rated for mil-w-22759. Click here for all M Products.

M22759/11 600V 200C PTFE Hookup Wire | PTFE Insulated Wire

Perhaps 8 per color. Always a pleasure to deal with Aircraft Spruce. Mil-w-22759 specification covers fluoropolymer-insulated single mil-w-22759 electrical wires made mil-w-22759 tin-coated, silver-coated, or mil-a-22759 coated conductors of copper or copper alloy.

However, there is volume discounts when you order in ft and ft increments.