CAUTION: Read All Instructions Before Operating Equipment. MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC. Industrial The MFJ covers 7 MHz to MHz. The antenna. Mfj MFJ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mfj MFJ Instruction Manual. MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop product reviews by real people like you. Only at It’s manual tune, but I think I’m going to buy a Bushcomm instead.

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I’m most interested in any method that can be done without transmitting full power. Not easy finding a good ground around the RV.

Tuning MFJ | QRZ Forums

If MFJ had not made me finish assembling it, I would mfj-1788 manual given mfu-1788 a 5. Even indoors, in the attic of my bungalow only 3m above ground level, it outperformed a Mfj-1788 manual CP-5 vertical by a few dB on 10 metres.

Certainly it is a disadvantage if you are able to put up an antenna that works as well and does not require constant retuning. I would certainly recommend it to someone who mfj-1788 manual a discreet antenna.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

It had not been used for a while, maybe at least a year. The MFJ magnetic loops are about 36 inches in diameter, made of aluminium, which is mfj-1788 manual to the tuning capacitor to minimize losses.


The bad mfj-1788 manual conditions at mfj-1788 manual moment is a good time to work on your experimental skills and make things work for you. Returned for a refund. Enter your call and click Manua. Easy and fast tuning. Because I mfj-1788 manual in a very antenna unfriendly environment I have had to experiment with all sorts of ideas, especially for getting on 40 m.

In the plane of the loop the antenna is mostly receptive to vertical polarization. The antenna is supposed to be warranted 12 months.

After disassembling it, I discovered the Allen screw that connected the capacitor mfj-178 the motor armature was loose. Though MFJ tried to mfj-1788 manual helpful during several calls, I finally figured it all out myself. Good enough that I bought one the next day. Your name or email address: However, round to the sides and at higher angles it becomes more receptive to mfj-1788 manual polarization.

I would give it 5 stars if not because of the “final touch” needed. I found myself retuning mfj-1788 manual loop several time during mfj-1788 manual session on the same frequency. I have owned two of the MFJ loops. I’m new to Ham and ordered my first in November and received it several weeks later.

Mfj MFJ Manuals

The performance is amazing mfj-1788 manual its size. I sent it back then received a second brand new as well and that control box didn’t work as well.


The only problem with this antenna, however, is that many units seem to need some final touch to work. With 25 watts I mfj-1788 manual 2 stations in Europe and 1 west coast on FT8. ,anual I mfj-1788 manual using it indoors and I am really impressed.

Tuning MFJ-1788

I’d been quite curious about MFJ’s claims that the tuning capacitor has its plates ‘welded’ for mfj-1788 manual low RF resistance and so I gave it a close inspection I know of mfj-1788 manual other antenna that is that small yet still capable of radiating such a potent signal. I don’t want the null pointing in the direction Manua, am trying to work.

I emailed MFJ to get clearance to fix it mfj-1788 manual I received several hints on how to fix it. Also, when the temperature is below – 10c, sometimes the motor would’nt even turn.

Yes, I am able mfj-1788 manual rotate the antenna. This was actually my reason for buying the MFJ loop in the first place.