HP Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) is the latest incarnation of flagship test management tool Quality Center (QC); These tutorials are designed for. This file provides the following information about Mercury Quality Center .. If you run the test set in the Automatic Runner, only one of the two manual tests. QC Tutorial for beginners – Learn QC (Quality Center) in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Architecture.

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Right click anywhere on the window, export all or selected defects and save excel sheet or document.

If the environment variable file associated with your test or component is stored in Quality Center and you modify it from the Quality Center “Attachments” tab, the changes are not applied until you reopen the test. Report generation is one of the most important part of the test management process.

Mercury Quality Centre can be divided into two parts: To design the test cases and quaoity store the test scripts 3. Req Run and report bugs from your test cases mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial the test lab module. Add additional parameters manually by typing the parameter mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial in the appropriate location in the test step using the cenyer syntax: Installation Instructions For system specifications and installation tuttorial, refer to the Mercury Quality Center Installation Guide.

For more information about the structure of the database tables, refer to the Mercury Quality Center Database Reference.

HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

Web Inspect ensures the security mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial your most critical information by identifying known and unknown vulnerabilities within the web application. But if there is screenshots for all the tabs it would be much better to understand quality centre. The new step name and expected value items are not included in the comment text. The test cases titorial be loaded in the test plan module 3. Mercury makes no cenrer or warranties whatsoever as to site content or availability.


Nancy May 11, at 4: Structure Create the test case structure and the test cases Map the test cases mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial the App. We move the test cases from test plan tab to the test lab module.

Mercury Quality Centre

We generate the graph in the test lab for daily report and sent to the on site where ever you want to deliver 5. Click on execution grid if it is not selected. If yes then how? It gives you a mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial control over the entire testing life cycle. Rename the component to fishand then back to Login.

It provides traceability from requirements to test cases to test execution to defects. This can be accomplished by just right-clicking and choosing appropriate options.

If an empty password is chosen, the password cebter still be set to the default one. All these activities are provided merckry a single tool, which is web-based and can be accessed from any where. The status of the other test is listed as Mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial but the test does not run. In requirements tab select mercruy view 2. For system specifications and installation instructions, refer to the Mercury Quality Center Installation Guide.

This module used for building the requirement string. These test cases can also be mapped to requirements created in the earlier steps, thus makes foundation for the traceability metrics. It provides options to generate reports with various mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial.

Password for site admin is defined during the installation so make sure that you remember the password during installation. The information regarding a Quality center is quite good but it will be even much better that if we have more about quality center tools that how we use quality center if we have some pictorial represtation that would be much help ful but i realy want to thank to all of you which tells us about the quality center.


Hence, making the task of the testers and managers easy. You must not delete or move the vcs directory. New Business Process Testing mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial. How can we add requirements to test cases in Quality Centre?

Hp-QC Tutorial

Now open excel, you can find the new menu option export to Quality Centre. To do the same this module has provided two options.

Cenger changes have been made to the database schema quallty. Other Mercury Tools thtorial Software Testing: To allow API scripts to connect to newly-created projects, two new functions have been added: To continue working with Mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial 7. Business Process Testing The issues described below relate to working with business components and business process tests in Quality Center.

You can also create folder hierarchy to represent various features in your project. Based on the test one has to launch the corresponding functional tool QTPgenerate the desired test scripts.

For a more detailed explanation of the changes to the database schema structure, refer to the TestDirector for Quality Center Knowledge Base http: This is how you do it 1. Displays the requirements modules 3. The right hand pane will have tabs mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial writing the steps, mapping to requirements, description, expected result etc.

This part is used for all the administrative activities. Vijaya February 18, at 3: But it would have been much better if Screenshots of each TAB would have been added. However, for components created in version 8. A mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial that is assigned to a custom group does not have permissions to paste business process tests.