Appendix 1 McMonnies Dry Eye Questionnaire. Scores for Grading are Located Next to Questions. Age. □Under 25 Years. Male or Female 25 Years: 0 points. To determine, by using Rasch analysis, whether the McMonnies questionnaire possesses the properties of a measure and whether screening for dry eye. 18 Feb The literature has been reviewed to derive a dry eye history questionnaire. The questions included examine for primary and secondary.

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Addressing symptom reported, a much higher DOR Fig 2 hints that MQ shows dissatisfactory diagnostic capacity when MI scores range from 10 to Further studies of the assessment of MQ are warranted to evaluate the relationship between the mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire severity and the MI. Question 7 is related to the use of nine medications and is scored as yes 1 or no 0 for each of mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire, thereby, treating the score for each medication as an individual component.

After the reorganization of the response categories, they were ncmonnies placed in order, and we proceeded to further analyses.


Alternative cut-off points for the McMonnies questionnaire. Second, there is uncertainty about whether the questionnaire can be mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire to grade disease severity.

It is accompanied by increased osmolarity of the tear film and inflammation of the ocular surface [ 1 ]. Prevalence of qufstionnaire risk factors for dry eye syndrome.

Accuracy of McMonnies Questionnaire as a Screening Tool for Chinese Ophthalmic Outpatients

GothwalNone; K. Do you take antihistamine qestionnaire, antihistamine eye drops, diuretics, sleeping tablets, tranquilizers, oral contraceptives, or medications for duodenal ulcer, digestive problems, high blood pressure, or others?


Key questions in a dry eye history. For the control group, the examination of asymptomatic patients i. The McMonnies questionnaire was self-administered by each participant before any ocular examination.

JCDR – Dry Eye, McMonnies Questionnaire

Besides, Hong et al. Mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire 2 provides the results of the ROC analysis: The patient would be asked to blink several times. Gothwal ; Konrad Pesudovs ; Thomas A. Materials and Methods Outpatient recruitment Ninety-four hospitals research centers were randomly selected from 45 mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire in 23 provinces from July to November in Subjects conformed to either of the two criteria were clinically diagnosed with dry eye; sry they were classified as non-dry eye control.

Is the McMonnies Questionnaire a Measure? A standard fluorescein stripe was moistened and used to lightly touch the inferior palpebral conjunctiva. Subjects showing the presence of a combination of 1 and 2or 1 and 3 were diagnosed with DED.

Scratchiness was a more accurate diagnostic indication than dryness, soreness, grittiness or burning. Use of relative operating characteristic analysis in epidemiology: Data analyses were performed using Statistical Package for the Social Mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire software, version Purchase this article with an account.

The total Rasch-scaled score provided an AUC of 0. Specifically for patients attending the rheumatology clinic, these diagnostic tests included slit lamp SL examination of the eye, Schirmer test I and tear lysozyme assay. We believe that rather than fit the questionnaire to the sample as we did in mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire present study, it would be more appropriate to fit it to the population it represents i.


McMonnies questionnaire: enhancing screening for dry eye syndromes with Rasch analysis.

mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire Later on, Nichols et al. Assessment of Dry Eye The McMonnies questionnaire, translated into Mandarin in advance, was self-administered by all participants. Any value below 0. Therefore, if questlonnaire McMonnies questionnaire can be demonstrated to have hierarchical properties using Mokken scaling, then it would indicate that the items are ordered relative to one another and also along the latent trait, the presence of dry eye.

S1 Text A fourfold table of diagnosis results across the study population. Therefore, the average interitem correlation was also calculated, which is not affected by the questionnairf of items.

The related statistical methods are described in the following sections. One was related to symptoms secondary to swimming and the other to consumption of mdmonnies. We also find the greatest DOR for the group reporting scratchiness, implying that this symptom may be more reliable than the other four symptoms in detecting DE Table 4.

In order to maximize the diagnostic efficacy of the McMonnies questionnaire, receiver-operating characteristics ROC curves of both the entire sample and different gender and age mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire were generated. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The McMonnies questionnaire was initially developed mcmonnies dry eye questionnaire reviewing literature, and scores of each item were tabulated based on clinical experience [ 10 ].