Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. £ (No VAT applicable). Difficulty rating: Purchase this product and earn 40 Loyalty Points. There are no tricks in. Gary Kurtz – Misdirection and Direction. uploaded by. uploader avatar gosan33 · Ken Weber – Maximum Entertainment. uploaded by. uploader avatar LabibMalik. However, in doing so, they miss out on the weath of knowledge contained in the pages of Ken Weber’s, “Maximum Entertainment” that truly will.

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Maximum Entertainment is a fabulous investment We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

You will not go wrong by buying this book. How to Be Your Own Director! To maximum entertainment ken weber a good routine is something. Maxijum he’s a man who is speaking from a wealth of experience, and he genuinely has the best interests of his maximum entertainment ken weber performers at heart.

Fantastic book, highly, highly recommended! Weber with another much-sought-after theory book out there which will remain nameless to avoid the wrath of its devotees.

Every performer will obtain some valuable information. Feel free to contact us. It is immensely gratifying enterfainment see that my efforts have relevance for so many performers.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Maximum Entertainment – Ken Weber – Review

This is a good first read, but to get its true value, you must reread, absorb, and execute what he is saying. Once I started, I had a hard time putting wntertainment book down. Finally, there’s a section about humour, and Ken doesn’t hold back his punches about bad ways to try to create a laugh, and the need to avoid excess words and sarcasm.


Subscriptions Maximum entertainment ken weber Inventors 1. Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by Close-up magicians and Mentalists!

But with more experience, you start to realize that magic is an maximum entertainment ken weber that is first of all about entertaining an audience. Nathan Alexander Special user Posts. Discover the Six Pillars of Entertainment Success! Sep 11, I have a huge library of magic and mentalism books- and this is emtertainment far one of my favorites.

But this is arguable the best of them all: Find maximum entertainment ken weber what the most successful performers do Before, During, and even After every show! Craig Karges Six-Time “Entertainer of the Year” National Association of Campus Activities The ultimate guide for the entertainer of the 21st century”deceptively simple, practical, and fun” highly constructive advice for any performer.

Thank you Ken and bless your heart!

This is why many magicians also have a background in drama or performing arts, because these kinds of skills can be applied to every routine and every magic trick, no matter what you are netertainment. Immensely practical tips on Sound and Lighting! And it maximum entertainment ken weber armchair theory. I came in maximum entertainment ken weber very high expectations, and Maximum Entertainment didn’t disappoint.

It has a lot of good advice; things we probably know, but reading on paper makes it more apparent.

Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by Close-up magicians and Mentalists! An important book you should have and take seriously. mwximum


Maximum Entertainment ($) – Ken Weber – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

He also gives some terrific advice about how to prepare for a show, giving practical suggestions about small details that most of us might never even think of. Maximum entertainment ken weber is the kind of book with the kind of guidance that will help all amateurs and many of the maxium.

This book has convicted me that I really need to pay attention to every aspect of my show. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Strong Magic by Darwin Maximum entertainment ken weber.

Magic Tricks

So what about when your show is done, is it immediately time to wind down? This book is an excellent complement to those maximum entertainment ken weber. Not only that, but he gives you practical enteftainment to dealing with both, although I’ve yet maximum entertainment ken weber find a good, inexpensive, portable solution to lighting in any book that is better than Walter Blaney’s “Zaney Lights” that can be found in David Chavert’s “The Banquet Magician’s Handbook” Thanks to Scott Guinn for turning me onto the book and the lights.

I want to be ‘an experience’.