L’uomo a una dimensione. Front Cover. Herbert Marcuse. Einaudi, – pages Author, Herbert Marcuse. Edition, 5. Publisher, Einaudi, HERBERT MARCUSE – L’UOMO AD UNA DIMENSIONE – l’ideologia della societa’ industriale avanzata – Einaudi Introduzione. La paralisi della critica. L’Uomo a una dimensione. L’ideologia della società industriale avanzata has ratings and reviews. Javier said: A nice addition to Marcuse’s Eros.

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Marcuse is a clear writer, and the critiques he provides here seem still very apt. Not an easy marxuse, it is political philosophy, but very enjoyable.

L’uomo a una dimensione

Marcuse argues that the advent of technology would either free or imprison us. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Tilde Giani Gallino Translator. Marcuse was a major intellectual influence on the New Left and student movements of the s.

L’uomo a una dimensione – Herbert Marcuse – Google Books

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Marcuse devotes the bulk of this marcuse l uomo a una dimensione to a deep, often insightful analysis of early analytic philosophy and operationalism in the mathematical sciences. Seems to me that today both sides of the ideological split are in a sense breaking free of one-dimensionality. He builds his philosophy in defense of Hegel and how his logic can be used to be critical of right-wing thinkers who took Hegels Logic and Philosophy of Right to create the state as the highest form of law.


L’uomo a una dimensione: Herbert Marcuse, L. Gallino, T. Giani Gallino: : Books

Technology has become such a leading driver and medium for our marcuse l uomo a una dimensione that its hard for us to think independently of it. A couple of weeks back, Nick Cohen wrote a salient article in The Observer in which he compared the present political situation with that in the s – the last time that capitalism experienced a crisis of this magnitude though not compounded to the same extent by the circulation of fictitious capital in the economy. I read this in college and it was very helpful to have 15 other people and a professor to discuss what the author is trying to convey.

Much like Heidegger uses Nietzsche genealogy arguably more skillfully than Nietzsche, Marcuse uses Adorno’s marcuse l uomo a una dimensione dialectics skillfully to create his critical philosophy one-dimensional man. I am afraid I gave in to the repressive desublimation of capitalist post-communist???

Il sociologo Luciano Gallino afferma che “M. L’Uomo a una dimensione. Think of how Wittgenstein or Russell logically deal with words.

What makes Biblio different? This book was published inuoomo makes its diagnosis all the more amazing. And also a little bit depressing.

Sign In Register Help Cart 0. Using an anecdote from Hegel for clarity- “behind the so-called curtain which is supposed to conceal the inner world, there is nothing unless we go behind it ourselves.

Introduction The paralysis of criticism: Save your search to a want list and we’ll notify you by e-mail as soon as we locate marcuse l uomo a una dimensione match.

Labor thus becomes another tool under the system of domination, and submission to the technological apparatus would mean the reification of our un-freedom. This domination is exuded through various forms of technological advancement. Technology has become such a leading driver and medium for our thoughts that its hard for A brilliant thought provoking and challenging book. If you think all critiques of capitalism are really just secret pleas for some utopian form of socialism, this might be a good book for you.


Read ‘One-Dimensional Man’ in January He criticizes the disappearance of ‘multidimensionality’ in such societies, claiming that the economic ‘goods’ afforded by advanced capitalism as in, eg, the economic boom of the s and 60s, or the present day has led the ordinary person to valorize the current mode of society, thus leading to the collapse of oppositional social elements and the resulting ‘one-dimensional’ man and society. Wright Mills, Marcuse was a very important writer for me as a student.

The s gave us a revolutionary crisis, Jarrow marche Marcuse l uomo a una dimensione book remains as important and flawed as ever and is probably MORE significant now than when it was published in He uses the examples of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ centrally here positing that the presence or absence of democracy is not to be determined by marcuse l uomo a una dimensione elections, etc.