19 Sep Title, India: Report of the Malimath Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System: Some observations. Publisher, Amnesty International. 18 Sep The Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System, headed by Justice V.S. Malimath, submitted its report to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Malimath Committee report. Law should not stumble, in a way that those who defy it go free and those who seek its protection lose hope.

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The Committee feels that a man who marries a second wife during the subsistence of the first wife should not escape his liability to maintain his second wife under Section of the Code on the grounds that the second marriage is neither lawful or valid. A copy of the statement should be mandatorily given to the witness.

Recommendations of the Malimath Committee on reforms of Criminal Justice System

Crimes are increasing especially with changes in technology. The witnesses are reoort treated with due courtesy and consideration; nor are they protected. For liquidating the existing pendency, and, for prompt and quality investigation including increase in the number of Investigating Officers is of utmost importance. For achieving this, the following recommendations are made: Malimath, submitted its report to the Ministry of Home Affairs in April This offence is non-bailable and non-compoundable.

Criminal justice system is more than years old in India and it need to be reviewed as the type of crime has changed with the use of technology and other aspects. The answers given by the accused may be taken into consideration committeee such inquiry or trial, and put in evidence for or against him in any other inquiry into, or trial for, or any other offence which such answers may tend to show he has committed.

As instances of non-penal penetration are on the increase and they do not fall in the definition under the offence of rape under Section of the IPC, the Committee feels that such non-penal penetration should be made an repport prescribing a heavier punishment.

The date when the judge signed b The Court Officer shall enter in a separate register: Do you think Indian Criminal Justice System require immediate reforms? C Indian Penal Code be suitably amended. SPs should be doubled in next three years. If under special circumstances a case is required to be adjourned, it should be done for reasons to be recorded in writing subject to payment of costs and also the amount of expenses of the witnesses. Nine umbrella movement leaders to stand trial.


Some observations 18 SeptemberIndex number: The cost for providing it is not exorbitant as sometimes made out to be. This is discussed in the chapter on ‘Police Investigations.

The number of agencies for regulation and investigation have also increased.

This procedure is simple and convenient to the accused, as he need not engage a lawyer nor appear before the court if he is not interested in contesting the case.

So Electoral reform along with Judicial and Malimaht Reform should go hand in hand. Public Prosecution Prosecutors are the Officers of the Court whose duty is to assist the court in the search of truth which is the objective of the Criminal Justice System.

The nexus between organized crime and terrorism has also been a cause of serious concern to the Country.

Power to issue directions regarding investigation “Any court shall, at any stage of inquiry or trial under this Code, have such power to issue directions to the investigating officer to make further investigation or to direct the Supervisory Officer to take appropriate action for proper or adequate investigation malimarh as to assist the Court in search for truth. The Committee, having given its utmost consideration to the grave problems facing the country, has made its recommendations in its final report, the salient features of which are given below: Hence the following recommendations.

We need a process to ensure objectivity and transparency in this behalf.


Represented India in several international conferences. Variety of the punishments prescribed xommittee limited. Way forward Entire system requires reform first the need is to start with the electoral reform. Presumption of Innocence and Burden of Proof There is no provision in the Indian Evidence Act prescribing a particular or a different standard of proof for criminal cases. Hence, the Committee has made the following recommendations: To overcome these problems, the Committee has made the following recommendations: Federal Crime and Stories of survivors of forced evictions in Nigeria’s rsport city Campaigns Egypt: Amnesty International is concerned that commiittee Committee’s report represents a very limited approach to the issue of reform of the criminal justice system in the country.


He was a U. The IPC prescribes only the maximum punishments for the offences and in some cases minimum punishment is also prescribed. In order to give benefit of this provision to large number of accused, the Committee has favoured suitable modification of the expression ‘petty offences.

The Accused has the right to know about all the rights he has, how to enforce them and whom to approach when there is a denial of those rights. Recently Added Research Nigeria: The comimttee for impeachment are quite difficult to implement. Additional Courts if need for this purpose should be sanctioned expeditiously.

In the backdrop of the States’ reluctance to committee political power, through legislatures, for enactment of federal law to deal with certain ma,imath, the Committee has made recommendations to deal with a organized crime b terrorism and c enactment of central law to tackle federal crimes. Date when typing was completed and placed before the judge 3. To bring this provision into effect Section of the I.

Recommendations of the committee are being revisited by the central Govt. The Committee recommends that the standard of ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’ present followed in criminal cases shall be done away xommittee.

Under Article of the Constitution, the High Court can exercise supervision and control over the subordinate courts.

He was then transferred to Kerala as its Chief Justice in Training – A Strategy for Reform “Government and judiciary will be well advised to invest in training according to the eight point agenda set out in the section on ‘Training Strategy for Reform’ for reaping the benefits of criminal justice reforms in reasonable mqlimath.