Mahanirvana Tantra: Sanskrit & Romanized Text With English Translation, Notes & Index (2 Volumes) by Pushpendra Kumar. This tantra is to all other agama as. Mahanirvana Tantra Sanskrit Text with Romanize. Commentary. English Translation. Notes and Index 2 Vols. 1st Edition on *FREE* shipping on. Mahanirvana Tantra Sanskrit Translit. pdf. Pages·· MB·44 Downloads·Latvian. | nānāvṛkṣalatākīrṇe nānāpakṣiravairyute || 1 || Medha Document1.

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A kalasha made of mud is good for all purposes. He should close the left nostril with the middle of the fourth finger, mahanirvama then inhale through the right nostril, meanwhile making japa of mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Pranava or mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Kahanirvana eight times. Then, taking the Cup and the Shuddhi in his two hands, the worshipper should, whilst uttering the Mula-Mantra, offer them to the centre of the Yantra When touching the heart say “Namah”, when touching the head “Svaha”, and when touching the crown lock thereon “Vashat”.


He mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Ever-full and Self-manifest. Let him then worship the goat sheep, or whatever other animal is being sacrificed with the Mantra “Namah to the goat,” which is a beast, and with perfumes, flowers, vermilion, food, and water.

It is the Truth and Knowledge, without beginning or end, Ineffable and Incomprehensible Without such purification the disciple is guilty of sin, and the worship is fruitless When mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Kali Age is made manifest, piety is enfeebled and Truth alone remains; therefore should one be truthful The Dhenu and Yoni Mudras should then be shown.

It is my desire, O Lord! For who but Thee is their Mahanirvana tantra sanskrit in all the three worlds? In the same way perform these three acts with the left nostril, and then repeat the same process with the right nostril. Be the first to sanskrti our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.

After having drawn the Yantra and placed it on a jewelled altar in front of the worshipper, and having worshipped the Devata of the Pitha according to the rules of Mahanirvana tantra sanskrit, the principal Devi should be adored in the pericarp of the Lotus Thou art four-armed, two-armed, six-armed, and eight-armed, and holdest various missiles and weapons for the protection of the Universe The merit gained by honouring a Kaulika is ten million mahaniravna that which mahanirvanx acquired mahanirvana tantra sanskrit giving away the world with all its gold Be ever devoted to the knowledge of Brahman.


Sadashiva is the Rishi of this Mantra. To an image dedicated by rites other than those prescribed by Shambhu the Deva never comes.

It is in such cases just as if one sowed seed in salt earth Having thus meditated upon the Devi Matrika, place the letters in the six Chakras as follows: Accept my worship Then, throwing flowers and perfume into the water, let him invoke the holy Rivers into it Then, reciting the Mula-Mantra, let the worshipper offer five handfuls mahanirvana tantra sanskrit flowers to the head, heart, Muladhara Lotus, the feet, and all parts of the body of the Devi 95and thereafter with folded palms he should pray to his Ishta-devata thus: For such what need is there of Vedic practices, or for the matter of that what need is there even of those of the Tantra?

It avails for the attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Having similarly mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Rishi- nyasa, Kara-nyasa and Ang-ga-nyasa should be performed Lastly, he should rinse the upper lip twice Klim, Obeisance to the Adhara-Shakti of mahanirvana tantra sanskrit lotus-seat As the fruit of the Urvaruka is detached of itself from the stalk on which it grows, so may He free us whilst living from the bond of Karma, until we are finally liberated, and made one with the Supreme” The Kali Age cannot harm those who are vowed to and grounded in truth, adherents of the true Dharma, and faithful to the performance of Kaulika rites and duties By the sadhana of this Mantra, O Great Devi!


The wicked and sinful who seek to harm him who is initiate in mahanirvana tantra sanskrit knowledge of the Supreme Brahman do but harm themselves, for are they not indeed in essence inseparate from the ever-existent One?

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O Thou Virtuous One! The Rishi of this world-beneficent amulet is Sada-shiva; the verse is anushtup, its presiding Devata is the Supreme Mahanirvana tantra sanskrit, and the object of its use is the attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha Truth is divorced from concealment. In the sadhana of this great Mantra no other Sankalpa is necessary than the inclination of the mind thereto and purity of disposition.

January 7 May mahanirvana tantra sanskrit All-pervading, All-seeing Lord protect the face 67. On the other hand, the Divya is all but a Deva, ever pure of heart, and to whom all opposites are alike, free from attachment to worldly things, the same to all mahanirvana tantra sanskrit and forgiving If one honours but one man versed in the knowledge of the essence of Kaula doctrine, then all the Devas and Devis are worshipped — there is no doubt of that Guarded by the Brahma-mantra, clad with the splendour of Brahman, he is as it were another Sun.

In other Tantras I have spoken of the different Mantras and Yantras, with the use of which Thou shouldst be worshipped according to Mahanirvana tantra sanskrit different forms, and there, too, have I spoken of the different dispositions of men May that Devi whose abode is in the breast of Vishnu and in the breast of Shankara purify this my meat, and give me a resting-place at the mahanirvana tantra sanskrit foot of Vishnu Having concluded the mental worship, let him commence the outer worship Or all the Tattvas may be consecrated by the Mula-Mantra itself.