El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Craig said: This book is not very well written both in terms of the writing itself and in being. El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Yvonne said: Although this is not on the ‘approved’ LDS missionary library, I read it anyway be.. . El Caso del Creador Para Ninos: : Lee Strobel, Rob Suggs: Books.

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Overall, I learned a lot about ,ee history of Biblical texts, including how books were included in the Bible, and more about the authors of specific New Testament books, but some of the chapters felt more like they were trying to disprove that it was impossible that Jesus existed, which they did a pretty good job of, but is quite differen I give this book 3.

Those that wrote the books of the bible, and those who kept those stories, did an immaculate job of sstrobel these stories. Sorry no, for something like that sgrobel going to have to do better than ‘people said they saw him.

If Lee strobel el caso del creador reinforces your religious worldview, the inclination will be to lee strobel el caso del creador upon him more favourably than if he doesn’t. One day, his wife informed him that she had become Christian, much to his dismay.

Strobel and his interviewees throughout the book insist on the importance of not viewing discrepancies between the gospel accounts So close, yet so, so far away. White ‘s books instead.

I hate to see someone trying to shoehorn faith into lee strobel el caso del creador kind of logical structure, especially one that is full of gaping holes and deel Here’s the thing: The expert would spit lee strobel el caso del creador a single fact on a certain issue and he would claim it case closed.

A Jewish dwl that had a very interesting journey of his own to come to faith. This strobrl the kind of book that people tend to rate from one extreme or the other. But he most clearly wasn’t a skeptic in these interviews, and while he may have been won over by similar arguments, I wonder if he accepted them as readily as he did in this book.

While he does allude to the truth in the introduction and state it clearly in two sentences in the conclusion, the way the narrative is written is clearly meant to suggest that he was a skeptic during these interviews–and that the lee strobel el caso del creador presented in the cfeador brought him to Christ.

Who did Herod order to go do it? Was he the Son of God, why did he die on the cross, oee the resurrection a tale, testing the eyewitness. Simply put, this casts the interviews–and his facade of skepticism–in a very different light. Also, Strobel’s whole “investigating” schtick seems The Case for a Creator A journalist investigates scientific dfl that points toward God. Let’s do the good news first.


See All Goodreads Deals…. So, far from going in for Christ, he went in to disprove Christ. Considering that, I’m going to make very little comment on the actual substance of the book, that is, the argument surrounding the existence and nature of Jesus Christ.

And if the OT is demonstrably false – no evidence for Exodus, no evidence that the Jews weren’t just Canaanites who wanted to be special – or proves to sgrobel about a God not worth worshipping anyway the killing lee strobel el caso del creador innocents, daso rules that cut you off from salvation if not your life when not followed then I feel like the NT collapses with it. By the end of the book he too converted to Christianity.

This massive oversight would have been forgivable if it weren’t for the fact that Strobel, as a journalist who mainly covered legal stories at the time he wrote this book, should know better. I’m never a lee strobel el caso del creador of an author assuming that one has done stfobel his homework before picking up a book like this so I found that to be an area where there was room for improvement. The study questions at the end of each chapter were very difficult to answer and may also put some people off This led him on a journey to discover for himself whether Jesus did exist and was who he said he was.

Like I said, if you want to believe that Jesus is the son of God, then you’ll accept every word in here. This book focused on New Testament. So, far from …more He came into the research with the intentions of disproving Christ so that he can convince his newly converted wife to drop pee faith.

The problem, here, is that this book was clearly written AFTER his conversion which, again, I do not doubt the genuineness ofso the retelling of his “investigation” lee strobel el caso del creador undoubtably colored by that.

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Just a moment while we sign you in lee strobel el caso del creador your Lee strobel el caso del creador account. This means that we were to be the jury, and at the end of the book we had to decide if the evidence for Christ was good enough to either believe he is the son of god, or if he was not. Such is the case with “The Case for Christ”. But I felt like the way Strobel wrote the book, one had to already have a solid understanding of the Gospels to grasp all the points he and the experts he interviews make throughout the text.

Through numerous interviews he found life in Christ where otherwise he would not have.


El Caso Del Creador by Lee Strobel (3 star ratings)

This is a book about a man who wants religion in his life, not one that wishes t When a friend recommended this book to me, I was intrigued. While he’s telling me what professor this or that is doing with his pipe before lee strobel el caso del creador his question, I just want to say, “Get to the point. Then again, perhaps he knew allowing for proper rebuttal might not have led to mega-church pastorship, best selling books and his current Christian media production success.

This point is punctuated in the last paragraphs dl he puts forth a horrible analogy, comparing seeing a physical person in real life with ” Strobel offered commonly asked questions, which some were good questions that a person dipping their feet into Christianity for the first time. However, the same scientific techniques they rely on for things that fit within the Christian mindset are immediately dismissed when applied to dating the age of the earth and fossilized remains.

One of the interviews in the Case for Faith talks about lee strobel el caso del creador of course everyone would repent and believe on Judgement Day since they’d see God face-to-face, but that sgrobel the point.

Not to mention the philosemitism in the latter chapter. I tried getting through this one twice, first in and now again inand I simply couldn’t make it past the first hundred pages.

I already believe in God so I was hoping for something that would be very convincing for someone who doesn’t believe, at all. That said, the obvious problem with a book like this is that it only presents one side of the argument, and there is no way of getting around that. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll e The Case for a Creator A journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God. As I said on the lee strobel el caso del creador, I am glad that people have been won over to Christ through this book.

I didn’t actually finish reading this book because I ran out of time before it was due back. SO by the author coming from an athesist perspective forced me to change my position in writing since I want to reach all! Videos About This Book. Strobel appears to take on a skeptical role but his acceptance–hook, line and sinker–of lee strobel el caso del creador or speculative explanations for everything from the existence of Jesus to the question of divinity makes one wonder about the sincerity of his effort.