24 Nov This month we are focusing on the control of sludge blanket build up in Lamella Clarifiers. Lamella Clarifiers, also known as Inclined Plate. Lamella Inclined Plate Clarifier. The Graver Lamella design utilizes inclined plate clarification to separate solids from the water and clarify the water. The lamella. The original Lamella clarifier stands out from traditional clarifiers due to its large settling area, corrosion-resistant plates and its ability to be used for multiple.

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The layout of the clarifier creates extra turbulence as the water turns a corner from the feed to the inclined plates.

The untreated feed water stream enters from the top of the vessel and flows down a feed channel underneath the inclined plates. A lamella clarifier also lamella separator, lamella thickener is used to separate sedimentable solid sedimentable particles from liquids.

In either of these cases the overflow requires post-treatment such as an anthracite-sand filter to prevent the algae from spreading downstream of the lamella clarifier.

This significantly reduces the outfall velocity and results in less suspended solids being entrained in the final discharge.

Controlling Sludge in Lamella Clarifiers – Partech

Up to date news on products, events and industry insights from Partech Instruments. They are used in industrial water treatment.

Lamella separators manufactured by Leiblein GmbH offer the following advantages: This settlement process is highly effective and operates with minimal maintenance — until the sludge hopper underneath the Lamella plates overfills.


Operation within an enclosed space laemlla allows for a better control of operating temperature and pressure conditions.

In general, particles larger than approx. Supplied as a complete, easy-to-install unit or as a plate pack assembly for installation into either a calrifier or steel tank, the Lamella Plate Clarifier provides low-footprint water clarification for municipal and industrial treatment applications.

Treatment process selection for particle removal.

Lamella Clarifier / Lamella Separator

Free standing with a thickener scraper. Pilot Plants Customer-specific pilot plants for testing purposes. Introduction to potable water treatment processes. LT Plate Separator Free standing with a clarifeir scraper.

Our distillery is building a reputation as one of clarifiier greenest in the world, so it was important for every part of our renovation and building work to be carried out to the highest possible environmental standards.

Making sure we meet our environmental obligations is very important to us and our world-leading brands and we look forward to working closely with WPL to meet this requirement.

Water and wastewater treatment. The casing is typically made lamell coated or stainless steel and the lamellas are ,amella of propylene. Minimal moving parts to keep operation and maintenance costs low.

Julie comes from a finance background before moving into HR in The most common wastewater application for lamella clarifiers is as part of the tertiary treatment stage. How often do the plates need cleaning? The and monitors provide an exceptionally simple and reliable method lamellw detecting the sludge blanket level in clarifiers. Regular cleaning helps prevent uneven flow distribution. Both the overflow stream and the underflow stream from a lamella clarifier will often require post-treatment.


The liquid flows upwards, whereas the solids settle on the plates and slide down into the hopper.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat What is the headloss through a Lamella system? Further lamella clarifiers are able to maintain the required water quality to the membrane without the use of chemicals. These inclined plates provide a large effective settling area for a small footprint.

Advantages Leiblein lamella clarifier offers the following advantages: This month we are focusing on the control of sludge blanket build up in Lamella Clarifiers. Standard clarifier design has the effluent entering at the bottom of the inclined plates, colliding with the sludge sliding down the plates. At the bottom of the clarifirr a hopper or funnel collects these particles as sludge. Andy has worked for WPL for 10 years having worked in different roles within the lamlela he began his WPL career on shop floor, following on to Assembly Deputy Manager and then to Laminating Supervisor before landing his current role of