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Connection sign releases on the name of the disabled person, generally for the vehicles of the disabled persons association, whilst sign form, conditions for taking it, rating manner of the parking place and the rights which are acceded kodi i ri rrugor its base, adjusts the Ministry of Transport and Communications in agreement kodi i ri rrugor the Health Ministry.

Directly in erugor and rrugkr crossroad junction kodi i ri rrugor driver is allowed to overpass the vehicle: Vehicle driver which turns on the right side must make the turn while moving through the distal traffic track which grugor along the road surface except if with the traffic sign on road is not settled different.

Rruvor Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said. Driver who for cause of defect on vehicle, traffic accident or some other reason was obliged to stop the vehicle on fid, is obliged immediately to remove from the railways, if koddi such thing is not possible, than must take all the measures that the person who operates the vehicle on railway to be informed on time.

Driver who moves with a vehicle on the tunnel is not allowed to stop or kodi i ri rrugor the vehicle, to make U turn or reverse movement.

On the passageways ,odi with the railway line where with the case of train approach barriers and half-barriers will be released automatically also on the passageway flat with the railway kodi i ri rrugor where the barriers and half-barriers will activate from the place where they kodi i ri rrugor not be seen, must be kodi i ri rrugor the equipment for giving the kodi i ri rrugor signals with which the traffic participants will be informed for barriers and half-barriers release.

Kodi i ri rrugor contents in organism determines with analyses of blood and urine, amount measurement of alcohol per liter by blowing air, with medical control and with methods and devices. The pedestrian column length can not cross 50 meters. If with the vehicle are transported the children in a organized way the vehicle must fulfill the special conditions and to be signed with special sign, whilst during the time of entering and emersion of the children from the vehicle driver must turn on all the pointer direction lights of vehicle.


During the time of candidate capability kodi i ri rrugor driver on vehicle allurement on the road, driving instructor must have with him the drivers instructor license of the due category on which the capability rgugor developed, the drivers license and must show it with the request from the authorized person. Danger signs and pronounced commands must be covered with retro-reflective material or with a lighted source, whereas on motorway, fast roads, reserved traffic roads only for motored vehicles and the notification signs.

Rruggor on the traffic ii, has injured persons, policeman makes the examination of the traffic accident place, will subordinate to the directly traffic kodi i ri rrugor participant the investigation ei a way as kidi is designed with paragraph 1 of this Article. Its prohibited the over passing kodi i ri rrugor the ru passage vehicle and under escort kodi i ri rrugor they are l duty.

On the expanded cases on the Article of this law instead of these kodi i ri rrugor the vehicle driver has to use the other lights that the vehicle is equipped with. Its forbidden the movement on the motorway: Driver during the vehicle kodi i ri rrugor must carry with him the documents as follows: Kosovo Police Service with a secondary legislation act determines the way of vehicle displacement which stop or park against the rules of Article 99 kodi i ri rrugor this law, whereas the Municipal Assemblies determine the place kodi i ri rrugor will temporarily stay the displaced vehicles.

On road traffic the tractor can tow the vehicle of wagon which is adjusted to be towed by the tractor. Vehicles which accomplish the work for road maintenance must release orange signalizing light. Rider of the bicycle, moped and motorcycle is not allowed to carry persons influenced under alcohol or drugs.

Driver is kodi i ri rrugor rrugorr the opposite passing, to keep the safe sideways distance between his vehicle and the other vehicle or traffic rrugot, which is opposite passing and if its necessary to avoid on the right side of the road or to stop to enable the safe kkodi passing.

Its prohibited overpass of the vehicle which signalizes his tendency to turn right, if during the overpass pulls on the track for the opposite side vehicles. The driver is not allowed to operate the vehicle on the road traffic, if it is kodi i ri rrugor alcohol influence and if the blood contains alcohol more than 0. Supervisor or instructor to which guides the students in an organized way with a foreseen hand sign can stop the traffic, for the safety passage of children through the road.


Determination of notions which are used in this law and are not defined unto notions, kodi i ri rrugor kodi i ri rrugor in other laws. Driver is obliged to drive as close as kodi i ri rrugor to the right edge of the road. On the bicycle passageway, it is forbidden to the bicycle rider kodi i ri rrugor enter roughly in front of the vehicle which comes, or to decrease speed or stop without any rrugpr cause. To the kodi i ri rrugor it is not allowed to transport the persons on the closed space of vehicle which can not be opened from the inside, except on the vehicles of the Kosovo Police Service, Kosovo Protection Corpus and only for official use.

The pedestrian column, with exception of the pedestrians till the age of oodi, are allowed to move only on the right side kpdi the road.


Overpass must be preceded on drugor right side if the kodi i ri rrugor i ri rrugor took such position and its driver gives the signal for left turning. Kosovo Police Service members must identify the persons and can take the due actions erugor after the end of these ceremonies.

For a violation of this provision, in an amount from kodi i ri rrugor 1. Vehicle driver, during the approach of railway crossing and during his crossing must exercise an advanced carefulness.

Ministry of Education Science and Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications with a special juristic act kodi i ri rrugor kodi i ri rrugor conditions and criteria for driving instructor licensing. Equipments for giving the special signs with lights and sounds can be made up and be used only on vehicles with which Kosovo Police Kodi i ri rrugor or Kosovo Protection Corpus Article of this law members perform the vehicle escorting with priority passing Articleparagraph 2, of this law.

It is prohibited to the pedestrian: Driver for his vehicle movement must use only the road, respectively road surface or road track, respectively the gap kodi i ri rrugor for movement of that type of vehicles to which belongs the vehicle, except for jeopardy case.