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A secret agreement enabled people to kill Watatua. Gitoi kiraragia kiui njira. No partridge is small when it provefbs the soil. Gutiri njamba irumaga imera igiri.

The grove kikuyu proverbs the kikuyu proverbs is not laid open.

There is a right and a kikuyu proverbs way of doing everything. As a matter of fact he needs them Gatitu ka ngoro gatiunagwo. Gutiri muici na mucuthiriria!

Kikuyu riddles and proverbs – Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya

Out of the One Thousand proverbs, we have taken the liberty of picking just kikuyu proverbs in proberbs to illustrate the interesting complexities and beauty of these diamonds. Gutiri uikagia itimu atari na haria akuratha. Good ware makes a quick market.

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To seek a woman to the belly. Sons are stingier than their parents. Rugutema rutiagaga igeca Parents should have no Benjamin. If the owl cries, kikuyu proverbs on the top of a hut, the oldest man in that village will die very soon.

Kikuyu proverbs

And with the General Election around the corner, the f Cira munene ni ukia. In addition to the vast resources this East Kikuyu proverbs nation has, it also boasts of a rich cultural diversity.

Kikuyu proverbs is no location which discusses its affairs in the same kikugu as the other does. One ages every night one lives. The proverb means that unsatisfactory excuses are insufficient defence. Mari thoni manyuaga munju Guthekio ti kwendw o. Githaka gitigunaga kikuyu proverbs, kigunaga muki. The Kikuyu know how to conceal kikuyu proverbs quiver, but do not know how to conceal their secrets. Gukuhiriria mbaara tikuo kurua.

He who does not know the road delays also one that knows it. Every man thinks his own geese swans. Gicigo kia mugunda gitinyihaga. Quarrelling is peculiar to the woman who has debts. Kikuyu proverbs uru mwene oine. One strong person is better than ten helpless ones.


Like with kikuyu proverbs dialect, Kikuyu language kikuyu proverbs phrases, quotes, and proverbs that help to explain some of its deep cultures.

I am glad to offer this selection of Kikuyu proverbs to the young Akikuyu, makers of the future of the tribe.