9 Nov The coolness of her name plagues B. Damayanthi, along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective husbands her Amma throws at her and a. 6 Sep partnersuche frau frau ‘Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian’ ~~ Synopsis: B. Damayanthi lives with her parents in Chennai and works. 15 Apr Book Review: Keep The Change by Nirupama Subramaniam. Read Goodreads summary here. MY REVIEW: I wish I had read this years ago.

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I wanted to co My sis passed the book on to me and since kepe was available suhramanian free, I read it. Though not a very central character she inspires DB to go ahead and get hooked on some guy. In some places the story is not just slow but quite uninteresting. One day she discovers his callous attitude and decides to quit. Then its the usual story of climbing up the corporate ladder and discovering her true calling.

On the whole, a book that’s high on bank-speak and low on character keep the change by nirupama subramanian. The author holds promise and has produced a commendable effort.

Book Review: Keep The Change by Nirupama Subramaniam – Seetha Scribbles

When she switches on her mobile she gets a call from the external consultant asking about her whereabouts. Her Parsi friend tends to while away his time browsing the internet rather than contribute to the project.

From being a good traditional South Indian girl to wannabe bombshell. Keep the change was the stupidest book I have ever read. Damayanthi, along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective husbands her Amma throws at her, a dead-end job as an accountant in a decrepit firm, the oppressiveness of Chennai.

Keep the Change

She comes back to Mumbai prepared to give her resignation. Ok, you can say, this is my story, my character and my definition of the character. You have been loggedin via facebook.


She grabs the opportunity at Mumbai, settles in a new place, makes new friends and starts discovering how the corporate world works. In the office, for the first time she becomes friends with a guy, Jimmy, who provides her with weird advice on how to navigate the corporate life and insights into how things subramankan in her new surroundings.

Click here to know more. The book doesn’t add hhe to the existing jokes and brahminisms. All the stereotypes are well maintained in the story.

Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian – Anu Reviews

Barring her billowing cotton nighties, all traces of her former self are wiped clean, including the insecurities. Was very ho-hum, just another chick-lit. So keep the change by nirupama subramanian written and witty. A good south Indian girl even when she is alone with the man of her dreams in Goa at midnight will not cross the line.

Aug 28, Harini Janakiraman rated it really liked it. As such there is no plot and a climax that is worth talking about.

Passionate Book Reviews

Books – Category Description Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. Rahul is her Greek god, her knight in the shining armour. For example, she thinks that her flatmate Soniya will only marry a millionaire and quit her job to spend keep the change by nirupama subramanian millions because she is attractive and fashionable.

The character of Damayanthi is quite endearing and relatable to. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. Both the roommates now sympathize with each other. Your Mobile has been activated successfully. This nirupam is quirky, funny, relatable and witty.

DB envies Sonya’s looks and her tastes but is at nkrupama with her keep the change by nirupama subramanian. She is scared that Rahul will not fhange her after reaching Mumbai and keeps cursing herself for not giving herself to him so that she could be closer to him. My sis passed the book keep the change by nirupama subramanian to me and since it was available and free, I read it.


As till sometime back we wanted to believe that there were sincerity and honesty in the private sector. Feb nirupa,a, Nishant Jha rated it liked it. There is nirupma original. But the HR lady tells her that she has keep the change by nirupama subramanian confirmed and that she is being considered to work with an eminent Vice President in the organization based on the recommendation of her manager. This book is a regressive piece of crap.

He is the good looking baddie and in a way is cast as the antagonist. Damayanti, finds the consultant not so friendly, but then after a few casual unofficial encounters with him finds him to be friendly.

And find them interesting enough to fictionalize it and write it as a story for others to read. The author holds some promise – however, whether the author can exert herself and sustain in the long run is something that needs to be seen.

I feel this review is: An OTP has been sent to your email address. Jun inrupama, Shivani rated it liked it. Wodehouse in the writing so makes it good reading for fans of these two authors.