Please note the actual compensation amount per sale differs slightly between countries Enagic’s dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you 9. Enagic,-Kangen-Water-Compensation-Plan- – YouTube. Enagic Compensation Plan – Earn While You Learn. Your Healthy Kangen® Water produces 7 types of Waters: 4 Alkaline Waters 2 Acidic Waters 1 Neutral.

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Compensation Plan | Kangen Water

Kangen water compensation plan knowing that, we still happily buy the products with no complaints even though the products are sometimes quite lousy. No more upkeeping of inventory in your home. Come in with a fresh slate and come in the business with the intention of learning and taking action. It is time to understand the 8 points wxter out!

The Basic 8 Point Commission Structure pays through 8 points within 8 levels.

Enagic Compensation Plan – Earn While You Learn | Kangen Water Business | Pinterest | Kangen water

There are 6 ranks 1A-6Aall ranks have 8 points to pay. Here is an explanation. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

The award is paid to kangen water compensation plan if one of your downlines becomes 6A. Rank advancement is based on a combination of direct and group sales, and it is not necessary to advance ranks one at a time. What the Top Earners Are doing: To move upwards to a new rank, you must always have a new direct sale or a new personal sale to qualify you for the next rank. I hope you found this information useful when it comes to learning about how to become a 6a with Enagic.


When you have ckmpensation kangen water compensation plan total sales in your team, your next personal sale promotes you to the rank of 6A! We are serious about this health business and we are in it for the long haul as we have seen the benefits it kangen water compensation plan brought to many people.

By helping other teams to reach 6A you become 6A2, 6A and so on… This is kaangen very exciting level of achievement because of the tremendous income you will earn in the way of awards!

Peter sponsored Pearly when he kangen water compensation plan a 5A Rank. OR you can jump directly to 6A from a personal sale if the total amount of units sold in your team is at least This is a very exciting level of achievement because of the tremendous income you will earn in the way of awards!

Kangen Water — Compensation Plan. Latest posts by Nate Leung see all. Hence the company also has other ways to help kqngen is passionate about the Kangen water business right away even if they cannot afford to invest kangen water compensation plan one for their home now.


Go to Application Have a question? When a machine is sold, 8 points are generated.

The number of points you get paid will depend on: Purchase a Unit through sponsor to become a distributor No entry fee required Getting Started. Enagic pays distributors based on their performances.

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I believed that I could do it and that’s all I wanted. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Kzngen only are they experiencing the tremendous health benefits, but they are also reaping great financial rewards with Enagic’s unprecedented compensation plan!

The technology is cutting-edge. I help ambitious online entrepreneurs build wildly successful kangen water compensation plan that they are most passionate about.


Visit our website, www. You are 1A with two direct sales. You become 2A when you sell the 3rd unit. You become 2A when you sell a 3rd unit.