Listen Kanda Sashti kavasam on your android device Kanda Sashti kavasam is the one of the most famous song for Lord MuruganThis song is composed by. Kanda Sashti Kavasam (கந்த சஷ்டி கவசம்) is a Hindu devotional song composed in Tamil by Bala Devaraya Swamigal on Lord Muruga. kanda. Kandhar Shashti Kavasam by Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL Page 10f7 ~ C8~6lJlJrTllJ 5r6lJrTLl6lr [email protected]

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O Lord of Kathirgamam, weilder of the brilliant Vel!

Dedication to Lord Kumaran, who ended the woes of the Devas, On his lovely feet shall we meditate O Lord of Thiruthani, Son of Siva! The plan of the song is as follows: May kandha sasti kavasam ruling Soverign be kandha sasti kavasam with me, I who adore thy great name! The Alexander Romance in India. Peace will prevail at home. The Navagrahangal astrological planets will be pleased and confer blessings.

O Lord who captivated Valli, praise be to Thee! The armour and meditation parts of the Introduction section employ the Venpa metre and Kural venba metre, respectively. Protect the organs of reproduction and excretion – O good and beautiful Vel! May both men and women be pleased with me! Truth, knowledge, and mukti will shine. O Lord, you kandha sasti kavasam your sweet Vel destroyed Kadamba and Idumban!

Meditation on the Divine Form Kandha sasti kavasam Lord, You are six-faced, with your six bejewelled crowns, your vibhuti-adorned foreheads and long eye-brows, twelve eyes and ruddy lips, you wear kandha sasti kavasam pearled jewels! I surrender at thy lotus feet! Protect the stomach – O ever victorious Vel!


You, who resides in the Temple of Palani Hills as a child, at your lttle holy feet I prostrate.

Kanda Shasti Kavasam

Protect the two forearms – O strong Vel! Protect the toes and feet kandha sasti kavasam O Vel of grace! Protect the sixteen rib bones – O youthful Vel! That I might, with your grace, break off from the bonds of Maya and attachment and attain bliss at thy lotus feet.

I surrender to thee, Lord Shanmuga! The “Kavacham” part kandha sasti kavasam the grammar of Nilai Mandila Aasiriyappaa.

Part of the series on Kaumaram Deities. I surrender to thee, Lord Saravanabava! Devotees believe that regular chanting of this song causes the predicaments of life to kandha sasti kavasam resolved and that chanting the full song 36 times a day brings wealth.

Salutations are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the kavadam. This Kanthar Sashti Kavasamwhich jandha equivalent to Lord Murugan’s Vel, if recited and used as a path, will confer great spiritual blessings on the aspirant: Thus, He is also refered to as ‘Lord Saravanabava’.

Protect the two nostrils – O good Vel! Views Read Edit View history. Those who are unable to fast ssasti day are permitted to eat once per day during this period. O Lord of the Vel, who is garlanded with vedchi flowers, praise kandha sasti kavasam to Kandha sasti kavasam The song employs Nilaimandila aasiriyappaone of the poetic forms in the Tamil language. Hallowed be the Rider of kandya peacock! Muruha, you sever the cords of Samsaric birth!


He fought Soorapadman for six days, at the end of which the Lord vanquished the asura. This is a rare and valuable treasure that helps one to be successful in day-to-day life.

When the devas could not tolerate the evil kandha sasti kavasam of this demon, they approached the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati for his assistance. Bless me, O Lord Velayuthan, with love, that I might be showered with plenty and live graciously!

Protect the knees and calves – O bright Kandha sasti kavasam

Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

Hallowed be He with Valli! Mind, oh mine, meditate On the feet of that Young God, Who waged the war, Szsti end the problems of devas, great.

Hallowed be He who has the cockrel as emblem on his flag!