Kanthar Sashti Kavasam is a famous Tamil hymn in praise of Lord Murugan. It is composed by Sri Salutations to him who is Kanda,. Salutations to the Vel. 20 Dec Stream Kanda sashti kavasam by 24x7freead from desktop or your mobile device . Listen Kanda Shasti Kavasam mp3 song on your android device Its Free!!! Kanda Sashti Kavasam is a song composed in Tamil by Devaraya Swamigal (a.

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That I might, with your kanda sasti kavasam, break off from the bonds of Maya and attachment and attain bliss at thy lotus feet. Aasti devotee will enjoy kanda sasti kavasam good fortune under the sun. Protect the thirty-two teeth – O piercing Vel!

May I be relieved from the poisons from centipedes, snakes, and scorpions If these deem to bite me!

Kanda sashti kavasam by 24x7freead | Free Listening on SoundCloud

May Vachiravel protect me each day and night, everyday! O Lord of the Vel, who is enshrined in brightness, whose holy feet are adorned with the melodious ‘Silambu’ anklets! May those who indulge in these shudder at the mention of my name for I am your devotee and servant and may they in humility bow before me for you are my Lord kanda sasti kavasam protector! Wikisource has original text related to this article: The “Kavacham” part follows the grammar of Nilai Mandila Aasiriyappaa.

Supreme Deity or Divine Rascal? Nephew of Vishnu and Lakshmi, who helped the Devas to protect the city of Amarapathi! Protect the kanda sasti kavasam – O sharp Vel! Tiruppukal in the cult of Murukan Tiruppugazh: Lord Skanda, who wears the garland of Kadamba flowers!


O Lord, you with your sweet Vel destroyed Kadamba and Idumban! This Kanthar Kanda sasti kavasam Kavasamwhich is equivalent to Lord Murugan’s Vel, if recited and used as a path, will confer great spiritual blessings on the aspirant: People without children will enjoy fertility.

Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

The song consists of a total of lines, including four introductory lines known as “Kaappu,” followed by a couple of meditational lines and the main song portion consisting of lines known as the “Kavacham. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muruha, you sever kanda sasti kavasam cords of Samsaric birth! The Devas kanda sasti kavasam all eight directions will bless him. Your beautiful legs and ankletted kanda sasti kavasam produce a harmonious blend of melodious notes most pleasing to the ear.

May Ida, Puriggala, and Sushumna nerve currents be protected by the victorious Vel! Salutations are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the peacock.

O Lord of Kavaeam, who is adored as Sengalvaraya! Tamil in Roman letters.

Those who are unable to fast all day kanda sasti kavasam permitted to eat once per day during this period. May the ruling Soverign be pleased with me, I who adore thy great name!

Kanda Shasti Kavasam

Protect the two cheeks – O brilliant Vel! May both men and women be pleased with me! You, who resides in the Temple of Palani Hills as a child, at your lttle holy feet I prostrate. And may the Hridaya Kamalam the ten-petalled lotus of assti heart; the Kanda sasti kavasam abode be protected by the benevolent Vel!


Devotees usually narrate the Kanda Sashti Kavacham during this period. When the devas could not tolerate the evil doings of this demon, they approached the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati for his assistance. The Navagrahangal astrological planets will be pleased and confer blessings.

He who conquered Idumba and Kadamba, praise be to Thee! May these flee in fear on sight of me! Your silken sash and girdle encircle your full waist, kanda sasti kavasam a nine-gemmed diadem kanda sasti kavasam your silken robes. Protect the chest – O bejewelled Vel!

Salutations are offered to the brave War Lord of the Devas in their battle against the Asuras. Kanda sasti kavasam Lord of Thiruvavinangkudi, dweller of the lovely Vel! Protect the toes and feet – O Vel of grace!

Protect the organs of reproduction kanda sasti kavasam excretion – O good and beautiful Vel! Retrieved from ” https: I surrender to sxsti, Lord Shanmuga! One half became a peacockwhich he took as his Vahana.

The song employs Nilaimandila aasiriyappaone of the poetic forms in the Tamil language. O Warlord of the Devas, praise be to Thee!